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CJ Nelson SLASHER LOW PRO (9'3) Single Fin Thunderbolt Black Full Carbon


Model: Slasher Low Pro


The SLASHER LOW PRO, the culmination of our extensive involvement longboarding experience, designed to be the most versatile log ever created. This board is built to push Cj's limits for years to come. The performance-style rails combined with a modern edge in the tail ensure optimal speed and control, making it a perfect blend of classic homage and modern innovation.

Key Features

Concave nose: Enhances noseriding lift for effortless balance and flow.
Hip in the back: Facilitates smooth pivoting and whipping maneuvers.
Performance-style rails: Offer stability and control at higher speeds.
Modern edge in the tail: Enables quick and responsive turns.
Versatile design: Suitable for a wide range of surfing styles and conditions.



Unmatched noseriding performance: The concave nose design allows for extended noserides with exceptional balance and stability.
Effortless maneuverability: The hip in the back makes pivoting and whipping maneuvers easier than ever.
Speed and control: The performance-style rails and modern edge in the tail provide confidence-inspiring stability at higher speeds, allowing you to push your limits.
Adaptable to your style: The versatile design caters to a variety of surfing styles and preferences, making it a perfect all-around longboard.
Classic look with modern functionality: This board pays homage to traditional longboard shapes while incorporating modern elements for enhanced performance.

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$1,640.00 USD

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