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ENDORFINS KELLY SLATER KS1 5-Fin FCS II Compatible (Medium-Large)

Kelly Slater has always been excited about board design and performance, and his signature fins have been a staple of the surf industry for over a decade. Slater’s K2.1 fin set the standard for maneuverable, high-performance, off-the-top surfing, while the K3 was slightly deeper and had less base, as well a smaller, more raked tip, which was ideal for line-up walls and big, arcing turns, such as what Slater does at spots like J-Bay.

Now Kelly Slater has combined the templates of the K2.1 and K3 to create the perfect all-round fin set that can be used on any type of board and in any conditions, from pumping waves to small, groveler conditions. The new Endorfins from Firewire are super responsive and lightweight (they even float!), with a foam core and carbon lay-up that tapers to the tip, providing added flex and snap through turns. Available in both FCS and Future, the Endorfins feature Kelly Slater’s favorite upright, pivot-style outline on the side fins, with a smaller, more hooked rear fin. The rear quads are a bit larger than most quad rears, which makes them perfect for a tighter cluster, which Kelly Slater tends to use on his surfboards.

The fins come with a pixelated, matte-style “shark skin” that helps sheen water away while the board is flying down the line, and features Kelly Slater’s signature round graphic that has become synonymous with his fins. The small/grom (green) comes in a thruster setup and has a green design in the middle, while the medium (white) and large (black) come in both thruster and five-fin sets. Kelly Slater has been testing the Endorfins over the past six months at spots like Barra and Trestles and is finally ready to let the public test them out.

Whether your board has FCS or Future boxes, you can now ride the same fins as the GOAT, produced by Firewire, one of the most innovative, futuristic companies in the surfboard industry.

$190.00 USD

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