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Harley Ingleby Surfboard Reviews



From Hawaiian South Shore Customers!
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So I have been surfing on a Surftech for the last 12 years I just felt that their must be some new technology out their.  So I've been looking around for a new long board and went almost every store on Oahu and I remembered the surf shop on Ward ave.  So I stopped in and checked out Have and the guys at Hawaiian South Shore.  So much awesome models to chose from no pressure from the staff.  Pick up a guy takayama Pahoa long board killer board by the way.  Then a week later picked up a Harley Ingleby Diamond Drive killer board.  Mahalos Braddah Dave and crew --Casey



9'4 Harley Ingley Diamond Drive (9'4" X 23" x 3 1/16", 76L) Current Fin set up = FCS II Harley CL Thruster

I absolutely fell in love with my first surfboard!!!!!  I demoed Stewart Readline II.  Harly Ingleby Crusier, and CJ nelson Sprout before I made my decision with this board.  (Helped by Brett & Dave).  I am not a total beginner but a Beg-Int who was looking for a board that is not too easy but a good progession board.  This board handles everything!  It's super easy to paddle and super light ( Thaks to Thunderbolt Technology) & it's extremely durable.  I was surfing at Canoes and one of the toruist sprearheaded center of my board at full speed.  I tought my board is either broken in half or was a huge ding on it.  But guess what?  No dings, just a little point marks.  IF anyone is having trouble choosing tbw the HZ Cruiser & Diamond Drive.  Diamoand drive is more loose but super fast fown the line.  It's super way to paddle and catch waves.  Just like the Cruiser.  Definitely add this board to your quiver. You won't regret it!  To Brett & Dave, thank you so much for your passion & assistance for getting me a perfect board -- David

The board is a dream. It has allowed me to take my nose riding to a whole new level. Stable on the nose and can catch the smallest of waves to the head high bombers. Its an awesome all around glider. I’ve had a lot of people try it and instantly become addicted. Mahalo Hawaiian South Shore  --Domantay M. (9’4 Diamond Drive)


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