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2022 Rip Curl WSL World Championships

Rip Curl WSL Finals 2022

Photo Credit to WSL

After nine months of waiting, the WSL World Championship event is finally here.

The waiting period for the 10-person event (top five women and men) at Lower Trestles runs from September 8-16, and the event is already on yellow alert to run tomorrow, September 8 (the first day of the waiting period). With Hurricane Kay bearing down on California and likely to bring adverse wind, it is likely that the WSL will want to get the event done as soon as possible, so we expect it to run tomorrow.

We have discussed the format for the event previously, but as a quick refresher, the fifth seeded surfer will contest an elimination heat against the fourth seeded surfer. The winner will then surf an elimination heat against the third seeded surfer. From there, the winner will surf against the second seeded surfer. And finally, the winner of that heat will contest a best-of-three-heats final with the top seeded surfer, with the winner declared the world champion.

Coming into the event, the seeding breakdown is as follows:

    2022 WSL World Championships Womens Top 5

    Photo Credit to WSL

    2022 WSL World Championships Mens Top 5

    Photo Credit to WSL

      The WSL World Championships can be viewed directly on Tune in at 7:30 am PST for the official call.