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7 Off-The-Beaten-Path Surf Destinations for Adventure Seekers

 Venture Off the Map with these Surf Spots for Intrepid Loggers

Came across a recent article from Longboarder Magazine written by Luke Gartside about surf destinations beyond the ordinary. Intrepid longboard surfers looking to escape crowds can find remote waves and unique experiences in locations like Cuba, Liberia, the Faroe Islands, Papua New Guinea, Oman, the Solomon Islands, and New Zealand. Each spot offers its own challenges and rewards for adventurous traveling surfers.

7 Off-The-Beaten-Path Surf Destinations for Adventure

Surfing has always attracted those with an explorer's spirit, constantly seeking out new waves and experiences beyond the horizon. The world still holds remote coasts with excellent surfing and few crowds for intrepid surfers willing to venture off the beaten path.

Reaching these spots can require braving remote terrain, rugged conditions, and high costs. But for wave-riding pioneers, the chance to discover uncharted lineups is worth the challenges.

In this blog, we'll spot seven under-the-radar destinations from the article of Luke Gartside, perfect for thrill-seeking longboarders who relish insects, sandblasts, and monsoon squalls with their empty surf perfection. From tropical paradises to rugged, frigid coasts, these locales sit far from the mainstream but deliver waves and memories that last a lifetime.



7 Off-The-Beaten-Path Surf Destinations for Adventure

Cuba's Embryonic Surf Scene

Cuba did not allow surfing until recently due to rules. But now a fun local surf scene is starting to explore Cuba's huge untouched coasts and reefs. The best known longboard spot is the river mouth at Boca de Yumuri with good waves when conditions are right. But rumors say there is unused potential along the south coast and great spots at the American base in Guantanamo Bay that are off limits. Surf tourism in Cuba is just beginning. So visitors can find empty waves and help the new surf culture grow.


Unspoiled Gems on the African Coast

Liberia in West Africa has recently become a hidden surfing treasure after years of instability. Perfect left waves peel for half a mile at Cottons. And Fisherman's has mellower longboard waves. Excited locals started a friendly surf club on the beach. For daring surfers who don't mind challenges, Liberia offers empty barrels and a chance to help the growing surf scene.



7 Off-The-Beaten-Path Surf Destinations for Adventure

Rugged, Fickle Waves in the North Atlantic

The 18 Faroe Islands north of Scotland are stunning but cold and fickle. The rocky outcrops create wind swell wedges like the rights and lefts in the main bay. While not epic, the waves are uncrowded with lovely scenery and Scandinavian comforts onshore.


Papua New Guinea's Pristine Longboard Potential

Papua New Guinea has over 600 islands with consistent surf and breathtaking tropical settings. Ulingan Bay's famous barrels are just one facet. New Ireland Island reportedly has the best waves for logs, with friendly local guesthouses like Rubio Plantation to stay at. 

Smooth Waves Along Oman's Desert Coast

Oman's coastline on the Arabian Peninsula is safer than much of the Middle East while offering excellent surf. Head south from Muscat and you'll find endless fun peaks and points. Joe's Point has rides over 1000 feet long. Further south lies 400 miles of barely explored sandy coast abutting desert, perfect for intrepid discovery.

Sailing and Surfing Paradise

In the Solomon Islands west of Fiji, surfers can island-hop by sailboat finding consistent fun waves and idyllic palm-fringed beaches. On the main islands, spots like Donuts, Blancheys and PT's offer longboard perfection. The coconut palm-covered Skull Island boasts both fascinating history and perfect barreling rights for surfing.



7 Off-The-Beaten-Path Surf Destinations for Adventure

Wilderness Surfing at the Edge of New Zealand

New Zealand's rugged southwest Fiordland region can only be accessed by boat or plane, making it the ultimate remote surf trip. Local guide Warrick Mitchell takes adventurous travelers to surf, fish and forage in this pristine natural wonderland. A range of user-friendly waves break along the rocky coastline and forested shores.

This summarizes key points from a Longboarder Magazine article by Luke Gartside profiling surf destinations off the beaten path for intrepid traveling wave riders. The article provides inspiration for longboarders seeking uncrowded waves and unique adventures.

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