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BEN SKINNER OVA - The Newest Mid-Length from Thunderbolts


 Ben Skinner OVA Midlength Surfboard

Ben “Skindog” Skinner has been at the center of the UK’s longboard scene for decades. A proven competitor who put on a dominant performance at the Malibu Pro this past season, he is also a widely respected board builder who has proven the validity of his shapes by surfing them to competitive success. Skindog is an adept noserider and knows his way around a traditional log, but is also a fan of modern, high-performance longboarding, surfing with power and authority, particularly when the waves get juicy. His ability on a longboard is unquestioned, but what many people don’t realize is that he also rips on shorter boards.

The Ova is Skindog’s mid-length design for days when the waves are pumping—or when you simply feel like taking a break from your longboard. It is also a great option for those looking to step up from a shortboard and ride something with a bit more flow and glide.

Combining a wide-point-forward outline with a unique foil, relaxed rocker, and 50/50 rails up front, The Ova paddles fast and flies down the line faster, finding speed even when the wave fattens up. At the same time, the round tail and sharp tucked-under rails in the tail give the board control in hollow sections and facilitate sharp, aggressive turns. The hull entry up front also loosens the board up from rail to rail, allowing it to turn much more nimbly than you’d normally expect from a mid-length with this much volume.

Ben Skinner OVA Surfboard

Available as a 7'0", 7'6", and 8'0", The Ova comes standard with a 4+1 fin setup, allowing the rider to choose between a more traditional single-fin feel or the speed and maneuverability of a quad setup. Meanwhile, the Thunderbolt Red construction results in a super light, super strong board with lively, built-in flex characteristics that create speed through turns and make it even more responsive.

The Ova is an exciting addition to Skindog’s quiver, not to mention our stock of boards here at Hawaiian South Shore. If you are looking for something fast and loose, but with enough volume to make those slow, summer days fun, this could just be the ticket.