How to choose the right Sunscreen?

In making a decision on what sunscreen to buy, you might want to consider the following:


Sunscreens are commonly rated and labeled with a sun protection factor (SPF) that measures the fraction of sunburn producing UV rays that reach the skin. For example, "SPF 15" means that ​115 of the burning radiation reaches the skin through the recommended thickness of sunscreen.

For surfing activities, it is recommended that you get high SPF for more sun protection.


Expensive Sunscreens does not mean they are better than the others. Choose the ones that have great reviews from the customers themselves and give it a try.


A sunscreen that protects you from the sun is good but a sunscreen that does not run or get into your eyes is awesome!

Scent or Fragrance-Free


High-quality skincare products including sunscreens are less or fragrant free because of the irritation the fragrant might bring especially for surfers who have long hours on the beach.


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