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Firewire FRK Surfboard Review

FRK Surfboard Review

We caught up with Thomas after he took the Firewire FRK model out for a test drive on the North Shore. As a long-time resident, Thomas typically rides shortboards in the 28-32 liter range or a step-up around 40 liters. For his first time on an epoxy board, Thomas was very impressed with how the FRK performed in 2-3ft surf. He felt like he was paddling past everyone out in the lineup.

The board's volume carried his speed well and allowed smooth glide through slower sections. Thomas opted for a set of FCS II Medium upright fins which matched the board's lively feel. Usually riding boards a bit smaller, Thomas was pleased by the maneuverability the FRK still provided with its fuller outline. The construction responded well for tight turns despite the extra float.

With a big east coast surf trip coming up, Thomas believes the FRK would be an ideal choice for strong hurricane swell. The stability and paddle power would help make the most of bigger conditions. After his first epoxy experience on the FRK, Thomas is a believer in the construction's benefits. The fun test drive has opened his mind to exploring more hybrid boards that bridge the gap between traditional and modern shapes.

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