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Firewire Seaside Surfboard Review

Seaside Surfboard Review

Firewire Seaside Surfboard Review

Caldwell has been shredding with Seaside for over a year now and it's been so much fun! When he first started surfing he got the 5'5" seaside as a beginner/intermediate board and it really helped dial in the basics of turning and carving. The Seaside is such a forgiving shape, especially in junky, flatter conditions.

Eventually he felt like he outgrew the 5'5" so he sold it and tried some different boards. But he did regret getting rid of the Seaside! So a year and a half later picked up the 5'4" model, just an inch smaller but a couple more liters of volume.

For his height and weight (5'10", 150 pounds) he thinks the extra volume in the 5'4" is perfect. It really helps the board fly down the line with speed and stability in small surf. He's been taking it out at spots like Ala Moana Bowls, Kewalos and Queens and it absolutely rips!

As far as fins go, he's all about the Machado quads. They give the drive and control he wants without making the board too stiff. I've twin finned the Seaside a few times which was super fun once put in bigger Teal fins to get used to it.

And of course He's riding it with the聽Octopus Deckpad. So grippy he's losing leg hair! But it's reliable grip that lets him surf with confidence every session.

Can't go wrong with the Seaside, it's just a super fun board that gets the job done in junky surf.

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