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Firewire Sweet Potato Surfboard Review

聽Sweet Potato Surfboard Review

Firewire Sweet Potato

I chat with Bonnie about his experience riding the Sweet Potato 6'0" shortboard from our shop. Bonnie loves taking the 6'0" Sweet Potato out on those weak, onshore days with junky waist-high waves. He finds it has plenty of speed and maneuverability to play around in the white wash and just have fun when conditions aren't ideal.

At 5'10" and 155 lbs, Bonnie feels the wider outline and float of the 6'0" works well for his size. He's ridden it as both a quad and twin fin setup. For the quad, he's using FCS Performer medium fins. As a twin, he has Machado twin fins which provide a looser, more slidey feel. Some of Bonnie's favorite spots to take the Sweet Potato include Beach Park, White Plains, and Ewa Beach on Oahu's West side where you can find lots of open-faced waves. The board allows him to get out and enjoy surfing even when nobody else wants to.

In addition to the 6'0" Sweet Potato, Bonnie also owns a couple other boards from our shop - the Moe and a mid-length 6' board. He tweaks his fin setups and really enjoys experimenting with different configurations. Overall, Bonnie gives the Sweet Potato 6'0" glowing reviews as a fun board that keeps you in the water on less-than-perfect days.

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