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Harley Ingleby HI4 Surfboard Review by Charlie

HI4 Surfboard Review

Charlie initially had some trouble with the board, particularly with the fins. He tried the Harley quad fin setup but found it to be twitchy and challenging to ride. However, after reaching out to Dave for advice, he switched to a twin fin setup, specifically the MR's with a small trailer. This change transformed his experience with the board.

Charlie describes the new setup as a game-changer. The board feels twice as fast, and he appreciates its performance in both small and larger waves, even in overhead conditions. He mentions a break back home in Long Beach that gets crowded when it gets larger, but the board allowed him to excel and even get covered up a couple of times. The speed of the board is especially beneficial in the fast beach break conditions of South Shore, Long Island, where quick down-the-line surfing is essential to beat sections.

He further mentions that he got the board in black and compares it to his TJ Pro board, which is in red. Charlie doesn't feel much difference between the two boards, and despite possibly getting the carbon TJ Pro for smaller waves, he finds both boards to be similar in performance. When it comes to paddling, Charlie notes that the board is manageable for him. As someone weighing 150 pounds, he can knee paddle it comfortably.

Overall, Charlie's experience with the board has been positive, especially after making the switch to a twin fin setup. The board's speed and performance have impressed him, allowing him to navigate the fast beach break conditions of Long Island. So, if you're looking for a board that excels in speed and offers great versatility in various wave conditions, the 9-1 board might be worth considering. Don't forget to like this video and subscribe to our channel for more exciting content.

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