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Harley Ingleby MID 6 Surfboard Review By Jay

MID 6 Surfboard Review

Jay Kawani, a passionate surfer sharing his experience with the Mid 6 7'0 surfboard. Jay talks about how the board paddles well despite the noticeable rocker in the nose and praises its drive and looseness, especially with the quad setup and FCS Dead Ends fins.

He also highlights the board's versatility, mentioning its suitability for larger swells and its ability to handle choppy conditions. Jay appreciates the sweet spot on the board, allowing for big turns and maneuverability down the line. With its great performance and the right amount of channels for added drive, Jay recommends this board as a fantastic option, particularly for those who are getting older or looking for a step-up board while still being able to paddle well and execute impressive turns.

If you're curious about volume, Jay typically rides boards with around 36-37 liters, a bit larger than his normal shortboards. So join Jay as he shares his insights on this awesome board, perfect for surfers seeking an upgrade or a board that offers both paddability and maneuverability. Don't miss out on his review! Watch now and catch some surfing inspiration!

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