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Harley Ingleby Moe Surfboard Review

聽Moe Surfboard Review

Harley Ingleby Moe Surfboard review

Peter usually surfs around Ala Moana and Kewalo on the South Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Up until recently, he was riding a 9'4" longboard but decided to size down to the 8'0" Moe as his first shortboard.

This is Peter's first time going shorter than 9'4" but he says the transition has felt really smooth so far. At 5'10" and around 155-160 lbs, Peter feels the wider outline and thickness of the 8'0" provides plenty of paddle power and stability. However, the shorter length allows him to start implementing some shortboard-style turns.

Peter set his 8'0" Moe up as a quad with FCS Performer Medium blue fins. He feels comfortable taking it out in the crowded lineups of Waikiki and appreciates the extra maneuverability of the quad fin setup. While Peter does hope to eventually progress to an even shorter board, for now the 8'0" Moe gives him the perfect blend of shortboard performance and longboard ease/wave catching. He's able to ride it with confidence and "feel like a better surfer" than he actually is!

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