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Hawaiian South Shore January 2020 Newsletter (part 2)

Reviews, Drop-Ins, & What's New at Hawaiian South Shore

Hawaiian South Shore January 2020 Newsletter (part 2)

“I’ve tried some really good sunscreens in Australia, Bali, and Korea. They were all great, but they were oily and caused problems for me since I wear contact lenses. The oil would get into my contact lenses and they would become blurry, so I couldn’t see the waves. But the Real Sun Cover product stays on my face and doesn’t get in my lenses. I’ve had no problems with it at all! It doesn’t run, and it’s thick enough to offer protection for my skin. It stays in place, and most importantly I can see really well. Contact lenses provide UV protection to my eyes, so I like wearing them while surfing, but if sunscreen gets on them they become a problem. So this stuff is definitely the best! My friends actually have the same problem, so I’ve started buying the HSS formula for them too! It comes in bigger containers now, which is even better!"


Real Sun Cover is a 100 percent natural, baby-safe, non-nano sunscreen that is specially formulated for active people who spend a lot of time in the water. Here at Hawaiian South Shore, we enjoy having the opportunity to work with various companies to create our own bespoke products. Our specially formulated HSS Real Sun Cover sunscreen is one of our most popular offerings, and it’s no mystery why. Come see what all the fuss is about!

So stoked to surf his Black Baron from Waist high and even took it out on a double overhead day and he said the board worked good!! By the way, he stoked on the Tree Sap front deck pad.

Frank and Kazami—Frank has a Libtech Puddle Jumper that he loves and Kazami has a Libtech RNF and she’s stoked on it..they’ve been surfing it for the past year or so. She was looking for something that would paddle better and catch more waves at her favorite Break White Plains. She demoed this board and knew right away this was exactly what she was looking for.

Kaiwa—Gearing up for the upcoming trips to Maui and Kauai. Then off to Tahoe to get some snowboarding in...So lucky! He owns JS Blak Box 2, Monsta Box Round Tail and JS Air 17X. He’s stoked on JS Boards and confident that these two new additions will work well.

Brenton Arakaki—was using my board surfing country for a few days. He instantly was super stoked on the board. Plenty speed down the line. He was able to make sections he Normally had to pump hard but with this board no problem. He also picked up the front wax pad that feels like wax, but it doesn’t stick to your board bag. It’s made from tree sap. It’s specially formulated for the warm waters in Hawaii. We’ve been blowing through these deck pads.

Want one? Just go to our website. Hey if you want some good family portraits hit up @brenton_arakaki super cool guy.

Wade Tokoro

Hawaiian South Shore January 2020 Newsletter (part 2)

The surfboard industry has changed over the years. People used to know their shapers personally, but these days big labels dominate the industry. The most prominent names in surfboard design are plastered throughout magazines, and people’s boards are often shaped thousands of miles away, by master shapers in different countries.

There’s nothing wrong with this, of course. It is only natural for us to want the best equipment under our feet, with the latest technology and designs from the world’s leading shapers. But there has always been something special about a board builder whose street cred was as powerful as his advertising.

Wade Tokoro is one of the few shapers who have both. He’s an established shaper at the top of his game, and one of the most prolific board builders in Hawaii. But he also has the street cred to back up his corporate numbers. He’s widely considered to be one of the best surfer/shapers of all time and still dominates on heavy days at Pipe. And when pros visit Oahu during the Triple Crown season, his boards are backordered for months at a time.

Back when Hawaiian South Shore was first starting out, we wanted to stock the best boards from the best shapers. Wade was one of the first guys to believe in us and to decide that a local shop was worth collaborating with. I knew Wendell Kong at the time, who was a rep in the surf industry and ended up connecting me with Wade. Wade agreed to sell a few of his boards through our shop, lending his street cred to us, which helped legitimize Hawaiian South Shore. Soon other big-name brands began to take notice and agreed to sell their products here as well.

In 2018, Wade began collaborating with Kelly Slater and Firewire to release his Houdini model in Firewire’s LTF technology. Slater has been riding the Houdini a lot the past two years, and the board has picked up a lot of interest. As a Firewire distributor, we have had the opportunity to stock Wade/Firewire’s Houdini, which has served to remind me of how special Wade’s ability is behind a planer, and how much he has contributed to the sport of surfing. We sold out of our first batch of Houdinis in two days, and continue to see a lot of interest in the board and in Wade Tokoro in general.

As more and more young rippers start shaping their own boards and then eventually begin offering them for sale, there can be no doubting Wade’s influence as one of the original guys who could back his shaping up with world-class surfing.

New Wax Alternative from Viscus

I don’t know about you, but surf wax is something that I have a love/hate relationship with. It keeps me attached to my board, which is great—I wouldn’t be able to surf without it—but it also melts all over the place, gives me surf rash, gets dirty, and has to be reapplied virtually every time I paddle out.

Fortunately, there’s a brand-new alternative to wax from Viscus—an adhesive sheet that can be applied to your board’s deck and that looks and feels almost exactly like real wax. Unlike other wax alternatives, this product gets tackier when it’s wet, rather than slippery. It can be applied and removed super easily and doesn’t leave any sort of sticky residue when you peel it off your board. And it lasts between six and eight months for frequent surfers, which means you don’t even have to replace it very often anyway.

This wax alternative is an original, unique,  design for Hawaii that utilizes tree sap to create stick bumps on your deck that are almost indistinguishable from surf wax. It saves you stress and money that is often spent on wax and saves the environment since your wax won’t be melting off into the ocean.

Hawaiian South Shore January 2020 Newsletter (part 2)
Hawaiian South Shore January 2020 Newsletter (part 2)
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