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Hawaiian South Shore September Newsletter


David Kelly | Owner, Hawaiian South Shore


I’ve been drinking kombucha for the past two years now. I usually drink one bottle of kombucha every day, and I really like it. The probiotics (a.k.a. good bacteria) that grow in kombucha help to ensure that our digestive systems have good bacteria that are necessary for optimal health. Especially in an age when antibiotics are prescribed liberally throughout the world. It is quite common to lack these healthy probiotics, so it is important to find ways to replace them. I’ve always been conscious of the fact that probiotics and healthy bacteria are very important for good health and wellness. Virtually every culture throughout history has had some sort of probiotic food in their diets from sauerkraut, kimchi, poi and even fermented camel milk. My introduction to the importance of healthy bacteria was through my friend Mark Lambert, who drinks yogurt daily to get his probiotics. I got on that program and drank yogurt every day for quite a while, as well. But a few years ago, I discovered kombucha and thought I’d change things up. I like the fizz of kombucha because it reminds me of carbonated drinks, except that it’s good for you! Furthermore, kombucha is typically made from black tea, which has a bacterial culture added to it called SCOBY. SCOBY stands for “symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast”. It looks weird and sort of like an alien life-form but does amazing things when it is added to liquids that feed it, such as sweet tea. Many people grow their own kombucha at home by combining black tea, sugar, and SCOBY. The SCOBY feeds on the sugar in the tea and goes through a fermentation process that produces healthy bacteria! Some sophisticated fermenters produce commercial kombuchas and add all sorts of flavors and types of tea. This makes for a nice variety of kombuchas available. The drinks tend to be sweet and pungent while at the same time they have mild fermented flavors and fizz. Most kombuchas have caffeine since they are made from black tea, so it is important to keep that in mind. Water kefir is an option for those of you looking for a caffeine-free probiotic drink option and it’s also tasty, fizzy, and full of healthy bacteria. Since kombucha is fermented it does contain some alcohol, but in most recipes the alcohol content is negligible. However, some fermenters are making kombucha based beverages with alcohol content as high as eight percent or more, like Boochcraft in San Diego. These drinks pack a punch, but still have that classic kombucha flavor while being gluten-free and full of the healthy bacteria from SCOBY. Nevertheless, when you decide to consume your probiotics it’s important to remember to do so on a regular basis and especially during and after antibiotics. Whether you end up eating healthy bacteria from kimchi, poi, or from drinking kombucha like me, here’s to a healthy gut and a great meal!

One of the most rewarding things about being involved in the surf industry is that every now and then, you get the opportunity to get your hands dirty and create something new and innovative. Rash guards and wetsuit tops aren’t anything new and have been around for decades. But here at Hawaiian South Shore, we have noticed that several of the popular wetsuit top brands lack something or don’t have the characteristics and specifications that we need and want in a surf top. So rather than complaining, we decided we’d design our own! Our Hawaiian South Shore surf top is a combination wetsuit top and rash guard, for those cool mornings when you need a little extra insulation. It will allow you to keep your session going well into the morning hours when the sun starts to heat up. A 2mm neoprene chest and back provides warmth and padding for your chest while paddling. Meanwhile, the SPF 50 rash guard material on the arms and sides offer sun and rash protection without sacrificing flexibility as you paddle. We beefed up the boardshort connector, so it can be tied to your boardshort string to make sure the top doesn’t ride up. This surf top has a back zipper that provides easy entry since the zipper extends up the middle back. The zipper will increase the flexibility and prevent stretching and wear of the neoprene, when putting the top on. The zipper is also made with a YKK zipper, that is specifically engineered for salt water. The zipper won’t corrode and is held closed with a Velcro closure. The top comes in sizes ranging from small to XL and comes in sleek black neoprene. The surf top has no markings other than the name of your favorite surf shop on the chest! Come down to Hawaiian South Shore and check our tour new surf top, that we are proud to have made ourselves!
LOST RNF 5’5” X ODYSEA Available in two colors only (Steele Blue and Red). If you want one of the world’s all-time best selling soft fish models, I highly suggest you pre-ordering it today!
When and what got you into surfing? I started surfing in 8th grade. I don’t remember exactly what peaked my interest (that was a long time ago) but a bunch of friends got boards and we headed out to Canoes. My first board was a 6’2” Lightning Bolt wing swallow single fin. Lol, I might be dating myself. Did you have a time period you weren’t surfing? If so when and why did you start back up? Yeah, a couple of times. I stopped in the 90’s since life and work took priority. I started again around 2000, with a friend from work who was doing dawn patrol at Kaisers. I bought a $100 Realm board from Costco. That was fun, but the kids came along so I took another break from the water. Finally started up again in 2012 and never going to stop again. Every time I’ve taken a break, I’ve had the yearning to get back surfing. Where is your favorite place to eat after surfing? What is your favorite item? I love Rainbows! Loco Moco or boneless chicken with a slush float! Unfortunately, I can’t be eating like that all the time. I’d like to keep living and surfing so I need to manage my diet. What other hobbies do you have besides surfing? I try to be involved with my boys, as much as they will let me. I also try to play basketball with my friends or as much time as my body will allow. What do you do for work? I’m a project manager. What board did you get from us? I have a 6’0” Lib Tech Puddle Fish and the 5’5” Odysea X Lost RNF. Why did you decide on this model and size? Puddle Fish, since I like the durable Lib Tech construction. I have a 5’11” Puddle Jumper (bought used off Craigslist) so the 6’ was comparable. I wanted to try the new-design and feel the difference in how they perform. Also, the RNF since I went to your website the other week and saw the pic with Matt Biolos holding it. There was a link to a YouTube clip and those guys were having so much fun. I had to check it out. How does it surf and what did you like about it? The Puddle Fish works exactly as you and Brett described. It’s a speed rocket with more drawn out turns then the Puddle Jumper. The RNF, is fun. No other way to describe it. I was skeptical at the size with 42L of volume, but it works. It’s easy to get into the waves and is a blast to ride. It turns like a skateboard! Have you used different fin setups? If so, what fins have you tried on that board? I’ve tried the Puddle Fish with the Split Keel Quad and I’m currently using a small ARC Thruster setup. I like the thruster setup because I think it allows me to turn better. The RNF comes with its own set of fins that work. Would you like to add anything else? I would most definitely like to express my appreciation to you and your team. Hawaiian South Shore is not there just to sell surf stuff. You guys focus on building relationships. I think that is the extra something that sets you apart from everyone else. It’s more than just a business and I experience that every time I set foot in your shop. Oh, and thank you for providing me with the right information to make the best decisions on surf gear!
Kelly Slater is one of the most influential surfers. This includes not only how we look at competition and high-performance surfing, but also how we look at the modern surfboard. Kelly’s ultra-rockered potato chips of the 1990s set off an entire generation of copycats. Around the turn of the century, Slater took things in an entirely new direction with shorter and wider flatter boards. Again, we all took note and followed. Most recently, Slater has invested in Firewire and started his own line of boards in collaboration with renowned shapers like Daniel “Tomo” Thomson, the first two models in the line are the Sci-Fi and the Omni. These models have become ubiquitous in lineups around the world. The Sci-Fi has even turned some heads in world tour heats. Slater’s latest board design, Tomo has even more people talking. Slater dropped an edit a few months back of him ripping the bag out of well overhead waves, on what looks like a 5’5”. The Cymatic blends the best elements of the Sci-Fi and the Omni, but also has entirely new elements that thrive on their own merits. One of these is an increase in rocker throughout the board and especially in the tail. This added kick allows for control in larger waves and provides a platform, from which to maneuver. Increased rocker makes a board agile and able to turn on a tight radius. The first edit of Slater shredding his Cymatic demonstrated exactly that. Another thing that is interesting about the Cymatic is that it is definitely not intended as a groveler. It’s a short wide board that excels in real waves, but despite that fact, it does grovel really well! Since the Cymatic holds volume and rail throughout, it’s able to accelerate in small waves. The reduced length also offers the ability to turn your speed into maneuvers. Cymatics are intended to be sized approximately like the Omni. It has been found that going a touch shorter in hollow waves can result in increased speed and control in the barrel. This is likely due to the narrower tail design. Whatever type of waves you are regularly surfing, the Cymatic brings a proven high-tech flavor that is good enough for the 11-time world champ. So, if it’s good enough for Slater, it’s definitely good enough for us! Source:, http://www.

REVIEWS: Super Big Mahalo for the folks that take the time to give reviews. We really appreciate it!

Straw Hat Review:

 I used my straw hat 2mm wetsuit for the first time this past weekend on a really windy and chilly Diamond Head Dawn Patrol session. It worked absolutely perfect. Nice fit with no binding and great stretch. It kept me warm until the sun came out. Thank you HSS (Brett and Dave) for always providing excellent service and bringing in the best products to the island!!! Super Stoked!!!


Hayden Shapes 5’9 Holy Grail:

 Great board! Finally got the right volume! Feels good under my feet from speed down the line to rail to rail turns. So much fun in all conditions. Good drive off the bottom turn with a nice transition flow. Pretty good construction. Surfed it about 20x’s only one tiny pressure on top. At 29.7 L catches wave like my paddlefish at 31 L. Super satisfied that your team helped me decide on this board! -Blaine



Mahalo to David and the Hawaiian South Shore crew! You guys helped me choose an awesome CJ Nelson longboard and provided incredible service to me! “9’4 Harley Ingleby Diamond Drive (9’4 23” 3 1/16” 76 L). Current fin set up = FCS II Harley XL Thruster


I absolutely fell in love with my first surfboard!!!!! I demoed the Stewart Redline II, Harley Ingleby Cruiser, and CJ Nelson Sprout before I made my decision with this board. (Helped by Brett and Dave). I am not a total beginner but a Beg-Int who was looking for a board that is not too easy but a good progression board. This board handles everything. It’s super easy to paddle and super light (Thanks to Thunderbolt Technology) and it’s extremely durable. I was during at Canoes and one of the tourists spearheaded center of my board at full speed. I thought my board is either broken in half or has a huge ding on it. But guess what? No dings, just a little point marks. If anyone is having trouble choosing between the HI Cruiser and Diamond Drive. Diamond Drive is more loose but super-fast down the line. It’s super easy to paddle and catch waves, just like the cruiser. Definitely add this board to your quiver. You won’t regret it! To Brett and Dave, thank you so much for your passion in what you do and assistance for getting the perfect board. Mahalo, David C.
THE UPPER CROSSED-SYNDROME Spencer Chang, MD Sports Medicine Fellowship Trained Orthopaedic Surgeon at Straub Medical Center WSL Orthopaedic Consultant
The upper crossed syndrome (UCS) is the result of imbalances in the upper half of the body. It is the result of poor posture over an extended period of time. The shoulders appeared rounded, the head is in front of the body, and there is an apparent curve in the neck and upper back. It’s a very common problem especially in our sedentary society, where we may spend an extraordinary amount of time at a desk and computer. However, it is also common in athletes and surfers as well. In UCS, the rhomboid and neck flexor muscles weaken, while the pectorals and upper trapezius muscles tighten. This postural problem can result in symptoms including: 1. Headaches 2. Neck pain or strain in the back in the neck 3. Chest pain and tightness 4. Pain in the upper back, especially the shoulders 5. Difficulty sitting, reading, watching television, or driving for long periods of time 6. Restricted range of motion in the neck or shoulders 7. Numbness, tingling, and pain in the upper arms 8. Difficulty surfing Treatment is non-surgical and could involve working with a physical or occupational therapist, masseuse, or a chiropractor. Preventative stretches, exercises, and improved posture can help. Garments like Intelliskin which help to improve posture can be helpful as well. Fortunately, this is not typically a problem that requires surgery, but can lead to problems that may need surgery if left unchecked. For an appointment call the Straub Bone and Joint Center at 5224232. Just say Dave from Hawaiian South Shore sent you! Also, if you have any questions shoot me an e-mail at Source:
New At Hawaiian South Shore!
In case you haven't heard, we just dropped our new Rashguard online. Available today at HAWAIIANSOUTHSHORE.COM FEATURES: -2mm front and back with spf 50 rashguard sleeve and sides -2mm for padding on the chest -Beefed up boardshort connector -Back zip for easy on and off -Back zip runs to mid back -YKK zipper specaifially designed for salt water so no corrosion -Velcro to secure the zipper down so it wont ride up------hawaiiansouthshore
CJ Nelson came into the shop to sign our last Slasher board. Who's going to get it? Check out the video we posted earlier today to see the board in action. Get it before it's gone at: HAWAIIANSOUTHSHORE.COM BRAND: CJ Nelson Surfboards MODEL: Slasher / Australian Slasher SIZE: 9'4" x 23 1/4" x 3 1/4" VOLUME: 75 L FINS: 2+1 FCS II Fin System CONSTRUCTION: Thunderbolt Technology - Textilium
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Picked up my handmade-to-order Stewart Redline 11 longboard today!! Mahalo @hwnsouthshore for fantastic experience trying out your awesome selection of boards and finding one for my own!!
Thanks Tad! Perfect step up you were looking for. Enjoy your new 6'2 Firewire  SaveSave SaveSave