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Introducing the Ripper: A Small Wave Shred Sled for the Modern Surfer

In the ever-evolving world of surfboard design, the team at Lost has unveiled their latest creation - the Ripper. Inspired by the wildly popular Rad Ripper, this new model promises to take small wave shredding to the next level.

The Ripper was born from the request of pro surfer Kolohe Andino, who, by his own admission, is "admittedly addicted" to the Rad Ripper. Andino's love for the board and its performance led him to collaborate with the Lost team, requesting adjustments that would modernize the design and eliminate the nostalgic '80s influences.

Design Features

The Ripper has undergone significant design transformations to meet the demands of contemporary surfers. The beak nose is gone, replaced by a more pulled-in nose with added rocker for seamless transitions. The deck has been re-foiled, opting for moderately rolled rails over the flat deck and steep rails of its predecessor. The tail, now thinner and boxier, complements the subtle hip left behind after removing the deep fluted wing. These changes not only modernize the board but also enhance its performance in small waves.

Key Features of The Ripper

  • Low Overall Rocker:  Ensures speed and ease in paddling.
  • Single Concave Center to Double Concave/Vee Tail: Provides quick directional changes and firm carving control.
  • Aggressive Surfing Off the Tail: The wide tail block and low rocker thrive on rear foot pressure.
  • Rolled Deck and Softer Rails: Offer a forgiving ride for casual surfers while still catering to the aggressive styles of more advanced riders.

Lightspeed Construction

Now, let's talk about the construction for The Ripper: Lightspeed. This advanced technology from Lost Surfboards is a game-changer, offering surfers a more durable, lightweight, and responsive ride. Lightspeed construction utilizes an EPS foam core, which is lighter and more buoyant than traditional polyurethane cores. This core is then wrapped in biaxial carbon fiber to optimize flex and performance. The result is a board that's not only stronger and more ding-resistant but also significantly lighter.

Modernizing the Ripper

The rolled deck, lower/softer rails, increased nose rocker, and reduced nose area, combined with a more blended tail outline and scooped out deck, work together to modernize the Ripper. These features unleash the board's potential, making it a small wave weapon for hacking and lacerating minuscule to moderate surf, suitable for both average surfers and professionals.

The Ripper can be ridden about the same size as the original Rad Ripper but with a touch less foam for a cheeky feeling. Alternatively, riders can opt for a slightly longer board if they prefer a more cruisy ride. 

Designed for Aggressive Surfing

The Ripper is a board that loves to be surfed aggressively, with the low rocker and wide tail block relishing rear foot pressure. Riders can expect to experience the board's ability to drive, snap, and carve harder the more aggressively it's ridden. However, the Ripper is not just for the pros - more modest or casual surfers will also enjoy its built-in speed and the ease of directional changes enabled by the double concave vee.

A Small Wave Weapon for the Modern Surfer

The Ripper is a small wave weapon, designed to hack and lacerate minuscule to moderate surf with ease. Whether you're an average Joe or a pumped-up pro, the Ripper is ready to take your small wave surfing to new heights. So, if you're in the market for a board that can breathe new life into your everyday surf sessions, the Ripper might just be the answer. Ride it about the same size as your original Rad Ripper, or go a bit longer if you want to cruise and enjoy. Either way, the Ripper is here to redefine small wave performance.