Japanese Neoprene

Taking Wetsuits to the Next Level

Japanese Neoprene Taking Wetsuits to the Next Level - Hawaiian South Shore

The surf industry is full of environmentally unhealthy boards and accessories made from petroleum-based products, which means that ours is not exactly the green sport it appears to be. From Surfboards and leashes to wax and wetsuits, we leave a pretty big carbon footprint in our wake, which is why a lot of companies have started looking for alternatives. The wetsuit industry is one place where a lot of gains have been made when it comes to building better, greener, longer-lasting products, and one major factor there has been the adoption of Japanese limestone-based neoprene.

Japanese Neoprene Taking Wetsuits to the Next Level
Unlike petroleum-based neoprene, the limestone variety is relatively free from impurities. It is lightweight, warmer, super stretchy, easier to put on and take off, 95% water impermeable (compared to 70% with petroleum-based neoprene), and better for the environment. In other words, it's the obvious choice when building wetsuits for discerning surfers who naturally gravitate toward being environmental stewards.

Japanese limestone neoprene is the cream of the crop, and the product that is used in all of the top-of-the-line wetsuits. While some low-quality limestone neoprene is made in Taiwan, and cracks easily, Japanese rubber is the industry standard when it comes to top–notch neoprene.

Today, Japanese limestone neoprene is the foundation of the Straw Hat wetsuit
Japanese Neoprene Taking Wetsuits to the Next Level

line, a boutique wetsuit line offering the finest in modern neoprene. In addition to the best neoprene available, Straw Hat also adds elasticity for a better fit, silicone rubber under the cuffs to maximize seal and keep water out, and a nylon loop sewn into the zipper to attach to the boardshort string.

As far as we can see, this is as good as wetsuit tops comeβ€”which is why we are stoked to carry Straw Hat products at Hawaiian South Shore. Our selection includes smooth skin tops and neoprene bottoms, made from the finest Japanese rubber crafted into neoprene. If you want to stay warm and feel and look good doing so, this is the answer.



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