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Kelly Slater Sets the Record Straight: No Interest in Becoming WSL CEO

No WSL CEO Position for Kelly Slater, He Confirms

Kelly Slater Sets the Record Straight: No Interest in  A summary from the recent article by Joe   Carberry about the open CEO position at the     World Surf League. Carberry reported that after Erik Logan's   sudden departure, speculation   swirled about   his potential replacement.   Veterans like Bob   Hurley and Pat O'Connell   were suggested, but   one very popular idea   was that Kelly Slater   could take the CEO job.

However, in a new ZIGZAG magazine video interview, Slater definitively rejected this notion. He directly stated: "I have no interest in [the CEO position]."

Slater added he will provide recommendations to the WSL but does not want an actual role there himself. This implies the WSL needs to expand its CEO search beyond Slater.

Carberry also covered Slater's thoughts on the organization Surfers Not Street Children and his memories of past interactions with ZIGZAG in the original article.


Youtube Video from Zag TV

Following this events, the transformative project in Mozambique, dedicated to uplifting underprivileged children through the power of surfing, stands as a shining beacon of hope and opportunity. At the heart of this initiative lies a deep commitment to providing kids with a much-needed leg up in life, offering them a sense of direction, purpose, and a lifelong passion for surfing.

Led by passionate individuals, including renowned surfers like Kelly Slater, the project has become a vital source of camaraderie and friendship for the children it serves. As they ride the waves, they discover not only the thrill of the ocean but also a tight-knit community that supports and nurtures their dreams.

What sets this endeavor apart is its holistic approach, aiming to make a lasting impact in the lives of these young surfers. Beyond the thrill of riding waves, the project strives to provide comprehensive support for the kids, encompassing essential aspects like education, skills training, and potential future opportunities.

Through the unique combination of passion for surfing and unwavering dedication, the project has garnered recognition and support from far and wide. Its influence extends even to unexpected places, like the heart of Vatican City, where the opportunity to brief Pope Francis brought international attention to the cause.

One cannot overlook the profound effect this endeavor has had in Mozambique. The local surfers, both male and female, have flourished under the project's nurturing guidance, breaking free from the cycle of dropping out of school and, instead, pursuing promising careers and educational paths. The empowerment these children experience within this safe and positive environment empowers them to build a brighter future.

As the project continues to expand its reach, the visionaries behind it dream of creating even more life-changing opportunities for the kids. Projects focusing on education, skills development, and sustainable practices are already taking shape, fostering a ripple effect of positive change throughout the community.

To commemorate this journey, the project's founders share heartwarming anecdotes, reminiscing about its origins and pivotal moments. Memories of vibrant Durban, a place where friendships bloomed, and personal connections were forged, hold a special place in their hearts. It was in such moments that they realized how deeply the project had impacted the lives of the children it touched.

In Joe Cools, amid the infectious energy of the surf scene, the spirit of the project thrived. A memorable encounter with the enormous figure of a Dutch bouncer brought laughter and camaraderie, underscoring the unique bond that this project has cultivated among its supporters.

The spirit of the project has reached global shores, with passionate individuals and surfing enthusiasts rallying behind the cause. The willingness of countless individuals to offer support, both financial and emotional, demonstrates the remarkable success of this grassroots movement.

Looking ahead, the project's mission is to expand further, exploring untapped potential in Mozambique and beyond. There are dreams of developing other programs throughout Africa, reaching out to regions like Morocco, where new opportunities for growth and empowerment await.

In essence, this project in Mozambique serves as a testament to the transformative power of compassion, community, and surfing. The children it embraces are not merely given surfboards, but they are gifted with a brighter future. With each wave they conquer, a new horizon of possibilities unfolds before them, and the impact of this endeavor extends far beyond the borders of Mozambique, leaving a legacy of hope and inspiration for generations to come.


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