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Lost Puddle Jumper Pro Surfboard Review

Puddle Jumper Pro Surfboard Review

Paul (5'8" and 172 pounds) shares his experience with his regular puddle jumper board and praises its incredible rail-to-rail performance due to the V-shaped tail. In this video, he introduces his new board, which serves as a step-up from his current one, offering similar responsiveness and drive for tackling slightly bigger waves.

Paul explains how Matt, the board shaper, customized the new board by reducing the concave in the nose to suit his preference for riding windy waves. He also shares his height (5'8"), weight (172 pounds), and the board's volume (30 liters). Paul plans to use the Mayhem larges as his fins, ensuring optimal performance. Stay tuned to witness Paul's impressive skills and see how the largest size fins complement his style. Don't miss this awesome video鈥攚atch it now for an exciting surfing experience!

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