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Shark Attack on the North Shore

NEW YEAR'S EVE: SHARK ATTACK ON THE NORTH SHORE Ricardo Taveira | Owner, Hawaii Eco Divers WARNING: THE IMAGES PROVIDED IN THIS ARTICLE ARE GRAPHIC. THEY ARE NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. PLEASE PROCEED WITH CAUTION. Aloha did you hear or see the news about the lady that got bitten by a shark at Hulton's? After I heard about it the next day I received an e-mail from Ricardo. He owns Hawaii Eco Tours, whom I’ve met through his Apnea Surf Survival class. He sent me an e-mail and I wanted to share with you. Please get the word out about her go fund me page. I pasted the e-mail below with a link to the page, as well as the images that were provided.
Aloha David. I am writing you because of a recent shark attack that happened to one of our community members on the north shore of Oahu. I'm hoping that by posting this on your blog, we will be able to increase the funds to help with her medical bills.
A local surfer girl, Marjorie Mariano, suffered from a shark on the North Shore of Oahu at Hultan's, which is next to Laniakea, around 6 p.m. on December 31st. We are not exactly sure the type of shark that attacked her, but by her description of the animal and judging from the wounds, it is estimated to be a tiger shark about 10-11 feet long. Before the attack happened and the day was ending, Marjorie decided to paddle back to the beach. As she was approaching the inside, she felt a bite on her left thigh and knee. The bottom part of the shark's jaws were beneath her surf board, and the upper jaws were on top of her leg. As she realized she was bit, she started to pull her leg out of the shark's mouth and kick the shark with her other leg as the shark was shaking her. As she was fighting the shark, she could see most of it's head, eyes, and body out of the water. She vividly remembers the full moon glaring on the shark's skin. When the shark let her go, her first reaction was to face the animal and confront it in order for it to leave her alone. Soon after, the shark turned around and left. She then started yelling and asking for help. Luckily, there were still two other surfers surfing nearby. By the time they got close to her, she was already in shock and paddling as fast as possible to get out of the water. She thought the shark would come back for her since she was bleeding a lot. When the two surfers got close to her and saw the injury, immediately one man removed his own leash and applied a tourniquet to stop the bleeding. She was very fortunate to have had the surfers apply the tourniquet in the water, and for them to have also applied pressure on the wound on the beach until emergency care arrived. Marjorie was taken to Queens Hospital in Honolulu, where she underwent surgery. She received more than 100 stitches on her thigh and behind her knee. She had a major artery lacerated and could have bled to death. At this moment, she remains at Queens Hospital and is very optimistic about her recovery, even though it may take weeks for her to walk again. One thing she is already sure about is that this experience will not stop her from surfing again. Marjorie needs your help. Please click on the link below and donate any amount you can afford. As we all know, health insurances don't cove all medical bills, not to mention the time she will need to take off work to recover. These are some photos of the Marjorie. Including images of the wound.