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Day1, April 4th - 4pm to 9pm
Day2, April 5th - 8am to 3pm


Ricardo at Hawaii Eco Divers is an accomplished big wave surfer and diver and teaches dozens of courses per year on water safety and apnea (breath-holding) around the world. For the past two years, we hosted his classes here at Hawaiian South Shore, and it’s been a huge success. So we have decided to collaborate with Ricardo again this summer, and host another class in April.

As surfers, we immerse ourselves daily in a huge natural expanse that is infinitely larger than we are. The ocean is powerful and capricious, and the inherent danger that is posed to our well-being is surely part of the appeal of surfing—it gives us a feeling of living on the edge. But most of us probably don’t want to get too close to the edge. Instead, we want to get a little taste of adventure, and then still make it home safely. In other words, we might paddle out when the waves are big and scary, but we don’t necessarily have a death wish.

One of the best ways to ensure that you make it safely to shore after a heavy session is to be confident in your abilities as a waterman or woman. This, of course, includes paddle strength and ocean awareness, but it also includes the ability to remain calm under duress and to hold our breaths long enough to survive big hold-downs. 

Ricardo’s apnea and surf safety class involves coursework, dry-land instruction and exercises, and water instruction and exercises. We will be hosting the dry-land portion of the class in our shop, and are confident that those attending the class will benefit immensely. 

While the water instruction won’t be as intense as what Ricardo offers to his lifeguard and pro surfer students, most people will still be able to hold their breaths two minutes by the end of the course. And we will also be doing all of the dry-land exercises and coursework involved in Ricardo’s normal classes. 

One of the great benefits of this apnea and surf safety course is the fact that everyone who attends is welcome to attend any future apnea courses that Ricardo teaches for free. In other words, you can brush up on your skills and improve your comfort in the water as many times as you want, but only have to pay one time! 

After doing this course a few years ago, I can say with confidence that it has helped me improve my comfort and competency in the water. It has made me a better surfer, and the knowledge that I gained through the course is something that I take with me every time I paddle out. I’ll be doing the course again this summer, and I hope that you will too!