TRUE AMES Greenough Power Blade 5w

George Greenough is a visionary force in surfing. Over the years, he has been responsible for a number of innovations, including prototypes for camera housings, early shortboard shapes, iterations of the surf mat, the Spoon shape, vertical surfing, and early fish designs. But perhaps his greatest influence has been through the creation and refinement of the modern surfboard fin. His high-aspect ratio fin was based on the fin of a tuna fish, and helped bring about one of the biggest performance leaps in surfing history.

Today, Greenough continues to think outside the box, tinkering and refining all matter of surf craft and accessories in a life-long pursuit of perfection. His newest collaboration with Marc Andreini True Ames fin company is a hatchet-style center fin called the Power Blade. This fin seeks to blend style with performance, producing projection through flex generated in the fin’s head. At the same time, the fin’s narrow base results in less resistance as the board passes through the water, resulting in speed and maneuverability that are rarely seen in a single fin.

The Power Blade is the result of years of experimentation and embodies Greenough’s obsession with the flex characteristics of fins. For those looking to liven up their mid-lengths and add extra speed and maneuverability to boards that are often thought of simply as platforms for trim, the Power Blade is the next step in progression.

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