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The Iconic Sunday Model Re-Release: Introducing the Thunderbolt Red Sunday

Firewire Machado Twin Fin Sunday



Limited Edition

Ride the waves with smooth style on the Rob Machado Thunderbolt Sunday surfboard. This limited edition board combines the smooth glide of classic funboards with the speed and maneuverability of advanced composite construction.

Rob Machado in Thunderbolt Red Construction
The Sunday's clean, continuous outline lends itself to smooth, rail-to-rail surfing, while the full nose provides paddle power and down-the-line speed for sub-par waves and lazy Sunday morning sessions. The twin fin setup provides a wide range of fin options, from classic keels to modern twins, while the added volume makes the board fun and user-friendly.

But what makes this board even more special is the limited edition Thunderbolt Red construction. This construction uses eco-friendly epoxy resin and a lightweight fiberglass shell to create a lively flex pattern for enhanced responsiveness and performance. The Thunderbolt Red construction also features bold red rails that pop with high-voltage style.

The Thunderbolt Red construction is similar to the Helium construction in terms of float and weight, but it has more flex and twist, making the board more lively and responsive. The Thunderbolt Red construction also improves durability and makes the board more environmentally friendly.

The result is a fast yet smooth riding board with lively rails for slashing turns, all while maintaining the Sunday's signature easy glide. Whether you want to ride it short or long, the Thunderbolt Sunday will make every session feel like a lazy Sunday morning.

The Thunderbolt Sunday is available in three sizes:
6'8" x 21" x 3" (48.1 L),
7'0" x 21 1/2" x 3 1/8" (53.8 L), and
7'3" x 21 7/8" x 3 1/8" (56.7 L).

The recommended fin is the Machado Keel Fin or any keel fin that suits your preference.

Have fun soul surfing and carving waves with Rob Machado Thunderbolt Twin Fin Sunday. The Thunderbolt Construction for the Twin Fin Sunday is a very limited edition. Once it's gone that's it. So get one now and ride a timeless smooth style board in the innovative construction to create a true hybrid twin fin. 



Enhanced Performance: An Advanced Construction

  • Thunderbolt Red uses a specialized fiberglass and epoxy lamination schedule to reduce weight compared to the standard Firewire build.
  • The new construction creates a lighter, livelier and more responsive feel while retaining smoothness.
  • Thunderbolt improves durability and makes the board more environmentally friendly.
  • The updated build gives the Sunday more maneuverability and looseness while maintaining its signature glide.
  • Thunderbolt Red sheds excess mass from the original for increased performance.
  • The new construction unlocks more speed potential from the flowing Sunday outline.
  • The board gains versatility to appeal to an even wider range of surfing abilities.
  • The advanced Thunderbolt core and strategic lamination allow more radical surfing.
  • Overall the new version improves on the original Sunday by blending a faster, looser ride with the classic model's smoothness 

Take it out for some soulful surfing and you'll be coasting on that Sunday feeling all week long. Don't miss this exciting news and get yours now



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