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Ben Skinner OVA - The Newest Mid-Length



🚀John took the OVA to the biggest swell we had this year and he is super stoked on how the surfboard works! Watch his review here.


The Ova is Skindog’s mid-length design for days when the waves are pumping—or when you simply feel like taking a break from your longboard. It is also a great option for those looking to step up from a shortboard and ride something with a bit more flow and glide. Combining a wide-point-forward outline with a unique foil, relaxed rocker, and 50/50 rails up front, The Ova paddles fast and flies down the line faster, finding speed even when the wave fattens up. At the same time, the round tail and sharp tucked-under rails in the tail give the board control in hollow sections and facilitate sharp, aggressive turns. The hull entry up front also loosens the board up from rail to rail, allowing it to turn much more nimbly than you’d normally expect from a mid-length with this much volume. Learn More...


Model: The Ova. A forgiving, user-friendly egg/mid-length shape that provides fun and flow for those looking to step up from a shortboard or step down from a longboard.

Ability: Beginner to advanced surfers looking for an alternative to their short or longboards.

Type of waves: A modern mid-length, The Ova is fun in anything from waist-high points and peaks to overhead barrels.

Fin setup: 4 + 1, offering the option to go single fin or quad.

Construction: Thunderbolt Red provides space-age, high-performance flex patterns in a refined fiberglass/EPS build with carbon fiber inlays.

Size range: (7'0" - 8'0")

7'0" X 22" X 2 7/8" 47.0L
7'6" X 22" X 1/4" 3" 53.0L
8'0" X 22" X 3/4" 31/8" 60.0L

Description: Ben “Skindog” Skinner may be best known for his deft noseriding and powerful turns on modern longboards, but he rips on just about anything—including shorter mid-length shapes. The Ova is his answer to fun, rippable days when the longboard just feels a bit too long. The wide-point-forward outline provides paddle power, while the round tail fits neatly into hollow sections. A relaxed rocker throughout allows for speed down the line, while unique foil packs a lot of foam in for added volume. Soft, forgiving 50/50 rails give way to a sharp, tucked-under edge in the tail, facilitating sharp, aggressive turns. Meanwhile, the hull entry gives the board’s base a pivot point and allows it to be surfed rail-to-rail, despite the width. Available as a 7'0", 7'6", and 8'0", this is a great option for a modern mid-length.


If you're unsure which boards to choose, our expert team is here to assist. Contact us today for personalized guidance and find your ideal ride. 


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