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Harley Ingleby's Next-Gen HIHP Speed

Introducing the Harley Ingleby HIHP Speed: the cutting-edge evolution of Harley's world-title-winning board, now available at Number One Surf Shop - Hawaiian South Shore.

Unleash your full potential: This all-around performance longboard is meticulously crafted for powerful turns, smooth control, and effortless flow, whether you're carving through tight pockets or laying down impressive lines.

The secret's in the shape: Harley's expert design features a refined outline with a greater overall curve, allowing for unmatched maneuverability and control in any wave.

Find your perfect fin setup: We recommend the FCS Harley XL tri set for most conditions, while the FCS Harley XL quad set offers explosive speed and control in larger waves or for those seeking an extra edge.

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  • HIHP SPEED (4)
  • 61L - 65L (4)
  • 9'0" - 9'11" (4)