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FCS II HARLEY INGLEBY MID TRI-QUAD FIN SET Large AirCore Reactor Template White/Black


Harley Ingleby's preferred set encourages a progressive style of mid-length surfing. The pivotal Tri-Quad configuration offers control and freedom to surf radically on longer boards. The Reactor Large thruster template provides tighter turns, while the Performer Large quad rear fins deliver a fast, predictable feel.
Only available in one size: Large
Recommended Weight:  (75Kg - 90Kg / 165 - 200 Lbs)

Board Types

  • Designed for the FCS II fin system
  • Performance boards with deep concaves and moderate-to-extreme rocker

Fin Family


Constructed using Performance Core + AirCore technology. The pressed polyurethane foam core with geometric foil allows total flex manipulation.

Key Features

  • Pivotal Tri-Quad configuration
  • Upright fins for tighter radius turns
  • Quad setup for drawn-out carves
  • Fast, smooth predictable feel
  • Geometric AirCore construction


  • Encourages radical mid-length surfing
  • Adds control and freedom on longer boards
  • Tight turns and drawn-out carves
  • Stiff yet responsive flex
  • Durable, high-performance construction


LARGE (75Kg - 90Kg / 165 - 200 Lbs)


Base (inches)

Base (mm)

Depth (inches)

Depth (mm)

Area (inches)

Area  (mm)

Sweep Deg°


Front  4.45 112.9 4.70 119.3 16.03 10341 32.0° Flat
Centre  4.40 111.7 4.54 115.2 14.80 9550 32.4° 50/50
Rear 4.09 103.7 4.26 108.1 12.63 8150 32.4 80/20

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    $170.00 USD

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