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HAWAIIANSOUTHSHORE Surfboard Socks Stretch Mesh Non-Stick SHORTBOARD- Fits shortboards up to 6'6" Hybrid

Looking for a premium surfboard sock or knit bag to protect your board from dings and damage? Hawaiian South Shore's got you covered! Our heavy-duty, breathable knit bag and sock cover is designed to keep your surfboard secure and protected. Made with durable webbing material and 1/4 inch foam padding, our bag provides extra protection against scratches and impacts. The breathable design with small holes prevents overheating, while the non-stick interior coating prevents wax from sticking. Adjustable sizing ensures a snug fit for your board, and the washable design makes maintenance a breeze

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty, breathable surfboard socks
  • Durable webbing material and 1/4 inch foam padding
  • Non-stick interior coating prevents wax from sticking
  • Washable design makes maintenance a breeze
  • Perfect for surfers, travelers, and surf schools

Available Sizes:

  • Shortboard adjustable (fits up to 6'2" x 23" wide fish board or 6'6" x 20" fun board)
  • Midlength adjustable (fits 7'0" - 8'6" surfboards)
  • Longboard (fits 9'0" - 9'6") 9'4 with fins, 9'6 no fins


This one-of-a-kind surfboard sock that’s only available at Hawaiian South Shore.

  • 1st layer

Made from 1680D Ballistic Nylon, used on luggage, bottoms of bags, police belts, tool belts, watch straps and motorcycle jackets. So, the mesh fabric will last a long time without wearing out

  • 2nd layer

Sandwich with a ¼”(6.4mm) layer of foam in the middle, providing more protection than the standard sock. But super profile is low enough to easily fit inside of a surfboard sock during international surf trips.

The fabric dries relatively quickly, so if the sock gets wet, it won’t stay wet all week and get moldy like most cotton, twill or knit bags.

  • 3rd Layer

Coated to minimize wax from sticking. Makes it easier to take your board in and out of the HSS Mesh surfboard sock.

Then we added breathable holes, so heat it won’t trap heat and to let your board dry faster. 

$90.00 USD

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