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HawaiianSouthShore The Driver Fin Surf Supply 5'/5'5 Black

Just in time for summer, Hawaiian South Shore has developed a new center fin for longboards and other 2+1 setups. Available in both 5.0- and 5.5-inch options, The Driver is a relatively short center fin with a pretty wide base and a touch of rake, giving it great control and—you guessed it--drive. 

Meanwhile, its shorter length allows the fin to turn better than longer, stiffer center fins, meaning it’s going to work best on high-performance longboards that you want to rip on, but where you also don’t want to sacrifice control while riding the front half of the board. 

The Driver works well with standard longboard side fins, and also goes great on mid-lengths and other shorter designs that utilize a 2+1 setup. If you are looking for modern performance and unparalleled drive on classic shapes, The Driver will take you there.

$76.00 USD

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