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Ben “Skindog” Skinner’s Signature Fins

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Ben “Skindog” Skinner’s Signature Fins

Ben “Skindog” Skinner’s Signature Surfboard Fins Hawaiian South Shore

The best surfers often make the best board and fin designers, and Ben “Skindog” Skinner is no exception. A world-class longboarder from the UK, Skinner has won the European titles 11 times and finished as high as second on the longboard world tour. He also has his own line of boards, designed and built in collaboration with shaper Jason Gray. Now Skindog has added signature Flying Diamond fins to his quiver, with both a specially designed center fin and his own set of twin fins.

Skindog has been refining the Subcenter Surfboard fin for years. It features a broad base to create drive, then tapers to a thin rake in the tip, providing snappy flex as it comes off the bottom. The clean curve of the fin also supports extended noserides, making this a great all-around fin for traditional longboarding.

When Ben Skinner isn’t on logs, he enjoys riding twin fins, so it’s only natural that he’d design his own set of twins. This drivey, performance twin fin provides the traditional feel of a keel fin, but with modern design elements and cutaways that allow for more aggressive, high-performance surfing. The hand-foiled fins have a stiff base with a flexible tip, making them the perfect, fine-tuned fin for any board with a twin setup.

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