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Ben Skinner Cherry Picker Surfboard Review by Travis Richardson

Cherry Picker Surfboard Review

Travis Richardson shares his experience with the Cherry Picker 84, specifically designed for bigger surfers. Standing at 6'3" and weighing 250 pounds, Travis explains how the 84 volume is slightly less than what he's used to with his classic longboards but appreciates the improved maneuverability it offers. He highlights the unique tail design, resembling a spoiler, that provides excellent grip for nose rides and quick release for powerful turns.

Travis also discusses the fin setups he uses, depending on the wave conditions. He mentions surfing at Beach, where the Cherry Picker excels in catching waves and handles chop reasonably well. Travis notes the board's surprising buoyancy and how easy it is to catch waves, thanks to its well-balanced design. Overall, he praises the responsiveness and stability of the board, making it a go-to choice for his surfing sessions.

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