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🍒 Talia loves how fun The Cherry Picker worked even with the funky tail 😂. Check out her review here.

🍒 Fred like how good The Cherry Picker noserides. He surf it with a Miss Lucy Fin. Watch his review here.

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Model: Cherry Picker. Modern noserider with unique tail characteristics that provide extra lift while on the tip.  

Ability: Intermediate to advanced longboarders looking for a classic feel on a board that is built to noseride. 

Type of waves: The Cherry Picker is built for noseriding, so it naturally thrives in lined-up waves between ankle- to chest-high. 

Fin setup: Single fin. 

Construction: Thunderbolt Silver maintains a classic, traditional feel while still providing space-age, high-performance flex patterns in a refined fiberglass/EPS build with carbon fiber inlays. 

Size range: 

9'6" X 23 1/2 X 2 13/16 V75L
9'6" X 23 1/2 X 3 V79L
9'6" X 23 1/2 X 3 3/16 V84L

Description: When Ben Skinner wants to perch himself on the nose and stay there as long as possible, he does so on the Cherry Picker. This modern noserider has all of the key design aspects that make a board support tip time, but with a handful of modern tweaks that give the board even more lift while up front and at the same time facilitate turns off the tail. If you want something that you can snap into position quickly and then run up to the nose for your longest hang 10 ever, the Cherry Picker is the answer.

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Ben Skinner Cherry Picker 9'6"/Single Fin Thunderbolt Silver Grey

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