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Ben Skinner Peacemaker Surfboard Review by Tim

Peacemaker Surfboard Review

Tim shares his experience with a surfboard he's been riding for about six months now. This particular board, known as the "Carbon Fiber," has become Tim's go-to choice for hitting the waves. Tim explains that the Carbon Fiber board offers an incredible surfing experience. Its super light weight and excellent flex make it perfect for tackling mid-sized and larger waves. He has taken this board to various spots, including Diamond Head, Alamana, tennis courts, and Kaisers, and has thoroughly enjoyed the performance it delivers.

One notable feature of the Carbon Fiber board is its construction using carbon fiber material. Tim expresses his satisfaction with this choice, as it provides a perfect combination of strength and lightness. The carbon fiber not only enhances the board's durability but also allows for increased maneuverability, making it easy to navigate the waves.

Tim acknowledges that the Carbon Fiber board may not have the same level of flotation as a foamy board, but its longer length provides excellent balance. This feature makes it easier for him to catch smaller waves. He points out that when waves get too big, duck diving can be challenging, but he can still push through the wave with this board.

Regarding price, Tim mentions that the Carbon Fiber board is a more expensive option compared to fiberglass or poly boards. However, he believes it's a worthwhile investment and saved up specifically for it. The performance and satisfaction he derives from riding this board make it all worthwhile.

In terms of functionality, Tim explains that the Carbon Fiber board is great for getting up on the waves easily. While it may not be as responsive as a short board, it still allows for decent carving, striking a balance between the two styles. He mentions that he hasn't tried using it as a single fin yet, but he is open to experimenting and might provide an update in the future.

In summary, Tim believes that the Carbon Fiber board is an ideal choice for those looking to learn and progress their surfing skills. Its versatility and performance make it a valuable asset for surfers of varying levels. We thank Tim for sharing his insightful review of the Carbon Fiber board and hope you enjoy this video. Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more exciting content!

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