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Christmas Gift Ideas for Surfers...

Moskova Underwear

Moskova is an underwear that will last you for years. I've been wearing mine for over 4 years, which isn't a rare case. These underwear are incredibly comfortable and are popular with the MMA Fighters for comfort and strength. (They use the ones that have a little longer length.) 

Ocean Sunglasses 

Looking for a gift for someone that fishes, surfs, boats or just works around the water? The Ocean Sunglasses from Europe are UVA, UVB, polarized and float. We've been selling these for the past 5 years. We have many different shapes and sizes at the shop to fit everyone! 

SupraCor Products 

The repeat customer is good enough for us to believe in it. My wife and I both use these products, which is why I have it at the shop. It softens the skin and removes the worries of any bacteria growth. Get one for Christmas and someone will be stoked. It's one of the few (maybe the only) presents I got for my mother and she was totally stoked on it. She was so stoked she suggested I get one for my sister. That was a new experience of getting two thumbs up! 

Surf Key Lock 

Key Lock by a Japanese company called Tools, is a strong lock for your surfboard. You can set your own combination and best of all, it fits most car remotes! 


This lock is used to secure surfboards to your roof rack and truck beds. 8' long, it will work on 2 sup's on top of each other. This lock reduces the risk of theft because it's two steel cables make it hard to cut. 

Core Balance Ion Bracelet

The Core Bracelet is one of those things that we've been selling on just pure word of mouth. It helps people with stiff shoulders, all the way to a local customer that had vertigo. It has gem stones that are crushed and kneaded into the silicone putty and then baked into a solid bracelet.

Happy Holidays!!