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CJ Nelson Outlier Surfboard Review by Nicole Boulter's husband

Outlier Surfboard Review

CJ Nelson Outlier Surfboard Review

This happy hubby is raving about the Outlier after being out-surfed by his wife's new board! He shares,

"I was trying out another board but my wife's Outlier was catching way more waves. It paddled fast through the whitewater then glided effortlessly to the next section. Even in 1-3ft surf, it performed really smoothly without getting caught up. I was hoping my Machado would keep up but this board just felt so much more agile and responsive. Despite its longboard length, the Outlier handles tight turns and maneuvers like a midlength. It's become my new favorite for its versatility, speed, and wave-catching ability at all levels. I'm loving keeping up with my wife thanks to this board's easy paddling and cruising!' Like this enthusiastic customer found out, the Outlier is perfect for outperforming expectations. Its blend of stability and maneuverability will bring out your best surfing!"

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