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CJ Nelson Parallax Surfboard Review by Jason

Parallax Surfboard Review 

Jason, a surfer who recently rented the Parallax 9'6 board and had an incredible experience. Jason shares his thoughts and feedback on the board. He describes it as fast and easy to paddle, making it a joy to ride. Jason had the opportunity to surf at Bulls and Canoes, encountering waves ranging from 3 to 4 feet. Despite the varying conditions, the board performed exceptionally well, providing an easy and enjoyable ride.

Jason mentions the board's speed and its responsiveness in turning, highlighting how he was able to pivot effortlessly on the back foot. This was Jason's first experience with a Thunderbolt board, and he admits he's now hooked on their performance. As someone who typically rides longboards, he was pleasantly surprised by the Parallax's superior performance compared to other boards he has rented.

Furthermore, he appreciates the board's lightness, which made it easy to carry from his parked location to the surf spot. The board handled choppy conditions smoothly, cutting through the waves without bouncing off them. Jason shares that he weighs around 185 pounds, and the Parallax 9'6 was in line with the sizes of his usual longboards. He concludes the review by expressing his stoke for the board's overall performance and its lightweight construction. Join Jason as he provides an honest and enthusiastic review of his experience with the Parallax 96. Watch now and get inspired for your next surfing adventure!


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