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Donald Brink Surfboard

Donald Brink, 34, was born and raised in South Africa. He started surfing at the age of 15 after his family relocated to the coast, and quickly developed a fascination for surfboard design and dynamics. After a few years of observing in the shaping room, Donald gained the confidence in 2005 to wield a planer for the first time. Today he continues to hone his craft, while taking the art of shaping down some unconventional paths.
Donald looks at each board as an extension of the rider’s feet, building each custom board according the surfer’s stance. His asymmetric concepts promote a more free and forgiving functionality — with careful consideration given to the interactivity and limitations of the foot, ankle pivot and weight distribution. 
“Asymmetry for me makes for accurate and enjoyable surfing with ease on the smallest of canvases. Every shape is infused with careful attention to detail in all functional elements. Water flows in a simple way; so should the hydrodynamic concepts in your board’s shape. My goal is to achieve harmony between design and function rather than having elements oppose one another.”
A staunch believer in hand shaping, Donald strives to empower a surfer to step up performance on any size wave. “Foam is your friend and fins we choose need to be thoroughly understood. We want enough bite for control and drive, but not so much that we drag overly-finned boards up and down the wave face.” 
“My philosophy in life, surfing, and board design is to keep things simple. We are privileged to be able to play in the sea, and it’s an honor for me to help surfers maximize their experiences.  I’m driven to help you enjoy your water.”
The Waffle Bottom:
This is an asymmetrical board for surfing both left and right yet 
suited for a particular surfing stance. (left foot Forward or right foot forward)
The limits of ones foot pivoting from the ankle to toes and heels are 
clearly different and these asymmetric changes are included to help 
the difficulties felt riding facing toward the beach rather than the
This particular board was modeled off of a 1 + 2 beautiful surfing 
board original designed by Midgit Smith many years back and recreated 
by Terry Martin. The changes include the single fin being placed over 
the ankle which acts as a more natural pivotal reference than simply 
a centered stringer and the necessity of the heel side bite was thus 
done away with, whilst hold and drive depended on with the fins 
improved placement and rake.
The waffle-bottom contours are included to lengthen the water line 
and flow to maintain balanced drag with the off set fin cluster, 
without interrupting the the rail lines.  Consider these inspirations 
much like the effects of the contours of a rivers bed that has effect 
of the waters speed and flow.
The spooned out deck contours nestle one in lower to the water to 
promote a forgiving yet sensitive ride when paired with these rockers 
and rails. Control the volume enjoy the length. 
The Fancy Free:
Regular Foot (Left foot forward) Asymmetric 
A small buoyant craft with pulled in ends fro performance approach to a variety of conditions. Loose and pivotal with the short overall length,refreshingly floaty with the asymmetric twist and distribution of foam in the foil. . Not for every day but certainly for every quiver. 
The asymmetric design hosts a pulled in tail allowing for vertical pocket arcs while the short length promotes pivotal looseness. The asymmetrical advantage defies most expected shortfalls of a tiny board and gets you in on a tiny ride with the volume throughout also allowing one to play when the juice arrives too. 
It’s not overly wide with a carefully distributed foil promoting nose rides with the down up front rails and snappy carves off the tail. Ride way  shorter than your shortboard. Twin with small trailer, twin toe- quad heels, thruster, or quad. 
The Bob-Tail  Twin:
Regular Foot (Left foot forward) Asymmetric 
Its a twinny with speed in mind and maximum pocket surf opportunities on offer. Longer toe side rail into a soft swallow for varying tail drive attacks into the vertical approach either side and a shorter rail line on the heels with a more aft wide point to pair with a fuller rail that will host ones weighted distribution and committed arcs on the heel. Deep single concave that dies before exiting and tight sharp down end points promoting release. Twin with small trailer for fundamental approach. Soft sky-ward chine on the heel rail with compounding volume and forgiving dynamics. 

Check out this video below from Surf Splendor with Donald Brink explaining what the Asymmetric boards do and why they are shaped they way they are.

Donald Brink surfboard interview from

I thought I would throw in this commercial in the Coors Light with with Donald Brink

Shred Show Talks about the Donal Brink Surfboard