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FCS II JS TRI FINS: Designed for Big Waves and Progressive Surfing

JS TRI FINS: Designed for Big Waves and Progressive Surfing


If you're a surfer looking for a fin that can handle both big waves and smaller, more progressive surf, look no further than the FCS II JS TRI FINS. Designed by renowned shaper Jason Stevenson, this fin has been updated for 2023 to offer even more responsiveness and performance.

One of the key features of the JS TRI FINS is its AirCore construction. This technology reduces weight while increasing stiffness in the bottom two-thirds of the fin, allowing you to surf with confidence even in challenging conditions. Additionally, the carbon tissue inlay provides a quick response to your movements, so you can make precise, powerful turns with ease.

Another advantage of the JS TRI FINS is their extra-long base, which delivers speed and drive that can help you tackle even the biggest waves. At the same time, the tapered and narrow tip allows the fin to release easily when you're surfing more vertically, giving you the freedom to experiment with different styles and techniques.

 Watch Keoni Watson from FCS Fins, explaining the new JS Tri Fins.


According to Jason Stevenson, "The best surfers in the world have used this fin to win multiple events, so we know it works." This fin is designed for intermediate and above surfers, and is best suited for those who want a smooth, flowing surfing experience. Whether you're carving long turns or transitioning between maneuvers, the JS TRI FINS will help you find your flow on the water.

Suitable for a variety of board types, including performance and hybrid models, the JS TRI FINS are part of the Carver fin family. This means you can expect to experience powerful, drawn-out turns with added hold, making them ideal for surfers who want to make the most of their time on the water.

In conclusion, the FCS II JS TRI FINS are a must-have for any surfer looking to take their performance to the next level. With their advanced construction, exceptional speed and drive, and responsive design, you'll be able to tackle any wave with confidence. So why wait? Upgrade your setup today and experience the ultimate in surfing performance.



FCS II JS TRI FINS: Designed for Big Waves and Progressive