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Firewire SCI-FI 2.0 Surfboard Review

SCI-FI 2.0 Surfboard Review

Tony from Hawaiian South Shore talks about his latest surfboard purchase, his second sci-fi in a year. He describes the board as the best surfboard he's ever had and truly magic for him. Despite being a bigger guy, he notes that the board surfs like a twin but still offers a lot of control, particularly with the tail which he can stomp on and maintain control. Tony mentions that he broke his previous board that morning at Rocky's when a young surfer hit it, but was relieved to find that Hawaiian South Shore had a new one in stock.

Tony discusses the fins he uses with the board, switching from Mick Fanning fins to the Dan Man Firewire quad set which he surfs as a thruster. He notes that the combination of the fins and the board is just magic for him and he has been mostly surfing at Rockies, Gas Chambers, and Turkeys. Tony talks about the good conditions they've been experiencing in Hawaii this year, particularly with a good South Swell a month ago. He mentions that the board works everywhere he's surfed it and despite some chatter due to the epoxy, he has no issues with it as a 6'6" board.聽

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