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Firewire Sci-Fi Surfboard Review

5'3 Sci-Fi Surfboard Review

Firewire Sci-Fi Surfboard Review

Josh shared his thoughts on the new 5'3" sci-fi surfboard he recently acquired. He stated that the board is incredibly fast, citing the concave design on the front of the board as making it very reactive in the pocket.

According to Josh, this board performs exceptionally well for getting barreled and "smashing waves." Josh weighing 135-140 lbs and opting for the 22.3 liter volume size, which is his typical preferred volume. Despite not being an epoxy construction, Josh commented that the board has a lively feel underfoot and seems to provide extra buoyancy.

Josh has been surfing the board at Publix, his home break. He noted that it handles the wind chop well there, even in the mushier high tide conditions. For fins, Josh has been utilizing a set of Cape H4 thrusters, which he says have been working great so far. In summary, Josh was very impressed with the fast paddling speed, high performance, and versatility of the 5'3" sci-fi model.

He highly recommended the board for anyone looking to step up to a high performance shortboard.

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