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Firewire Sweet Potato Surfboard Review by Chad

Sweet Potato Surfboard Review

Firewire Sweet Potato Surfboard Review

Meet Chad, a loyal customer of Hawaiian South Shore who can't resist adding a new board to his quiver whenever he visits. Chad is particularly smitten with his latest acquisition, the Sweet Potato. Chad shares his excitement about the 6'2 Sweet potato. Perfectly suited for his 5'10, 220-pound frame. 

Interestingly, Chad shares that he used to ride longboards for quite some time but eventually transitioned to shortboards as he grew older (although he prefers to say "more experienced"). With the advent of shortboards designed for surfers of all shapes and sizes, Chad found the Sweet Potato to be an ideal match for him. He's using power twin fins on it, although he contemplates trying quads when the waves get a bit larger.

For now, the 2+1 setup suits him perfectly. If you're looking for a board that adapts to your needs and style, take a cue from Chad's experience and explore the possibilities with Hawaiian South Shore. Thanks, Chad, for sharing your insights!


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