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Firewire Too Fish Surfboard Review by Bryan

Too Fish Surfboard Review


Firewire Too Fish Surfboard ReviewBrian reviews the Two Fish 5'7 Volcanic surfboard. He previously had the Seaside and loves the Volcanic even more for its increased glide and pivot thanks to the twin fins. Still getting used to the board but calls it a "super fun board." He also has the new Volcanic which he likes better than his previous Helium. Says the Volcanic paddle feels better somehow - better flex or something that gets into waves really good.

He's been surfing the board at Quartz and Chuns on normal and bigger overhead days. Says it performs well and feels less squirrelly on bigger waves than the Seaside did. He weighs 180lbs and went up in volume from his previous 32-34 liter boards. Feels the extra volume makes a positive difference in paddling and performance. Recommends the board highly for slopey waves at spots like Quartz or Chun. Loves the board and paddle.


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