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Futures Vapor Core Surfboard Fin Review by Kevin

Vapor Core Fin Review聽

Futures Vapor Core Surf Fin Review

Kevin Allen gives a thumbs-up on the Vapor Core Fins. He says they are super light and work well in good-sized surf. He also likes the texture and the fact that they are made with carbon on the outside and hollow inside.

He says that the fins are super light and that he was even surprised at how light they were when he first picked them up. He also noticed the packaging says that the fins are "pretty something life," which he finds to be a good description.

It was a 5'9 kind of rounded pin that he had been borrowing from a friend. He says that he texted his friend after riding the fins and told him that he wanted to buy the board because it went so well with the fins. He says that they felt great in the bottom turns and that he was able to push hard on them without losing control. He also says that they felt loose and that he was able to move the tail around easily.

Kevin compares the Vapor Core fins to the fins he was running before, which were the black FCS. He really liked it, but he was worried that the Vapor Core fins would feel too stiff and controlled. However, he was pleasantly surprised to find that the Vapor Core fins still felt loose and responsive, even though they have less rake.

Kevin can't notice the flex in fins very well, but he could notice a bit more flex in the Vapor Core fins than in some other fins he has ridden. He says that this is a good thing for the type of surf that he was riding them in, which was聽good-sized surf.

Kevin is stoked on the Vapor Core fins and he would recommend them to other surfers. He says that he got the mediums and that they worked great for him, but that he would recommend going up to a large if you are a bigger surfer or if you surf in really big waves.

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