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Harley Ingleby HI4 Surfboard Review:

HI4 Surfboard Review

We spoke with Derek to get his review of the Harley Ingleby Hi4 surfboard. Derek has been riding the 9'3" model with Harley FCS Thruster fins for a few months now at various spots. As a first-time Thunderbolt rider, Derek was initially surprised by how well it sits in the water and its light feel compared to traditional longboards. He loves the high performance it delivers in a longboard format. Derek typically rides the Hi-4 in smaller surf but says it definitely has the volume and width to handle overhead days as well. At 5'8" 165lbs, he opts for a medium fin setup that's centered or slightly back from center.

The construction makes it easy to paddle and get into waves, even at long point breaks. Derek is looking forward to experimenting more with fin configurations to optimize the board's drive and maneuverability. After a few months on the Hi-4, Derek is very happy with its versatility and well-balanced feel. He's considering sizing down for his next Thunderbolt to get even looser performance. Let me know if you would like me to modify or expand this video description draft in any way. I can focus on tweaking certain sections or adding more detail as needed.

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