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Harley Ingleby MID 6 Surfboard Review by Stan

MID 6 Surfboard Review

Stan 69 years old, he is 5'7" and 170 lbs, talks about his surfing journey and the boards he's used. He initially purchased a mid 6 board and later demoed the 7'6. After waiting for a smaller board and with the seven six out of stock, he bought it and took it to Mexico where he enjoyed it a little too much.

However, he found it to be a bit too much board for him, prompting him to take out the recommended twin board with a two plus one fin setup which he absolutely loved.

Stan's weight to board ratio is good and he finds the board easy to maneuver, even without going all the way to the tail. As a senior citizen, Stan understands the importance of technology and investing in good equipment. Despite being 69 years old, he plans to continue surfing as long as he can. Tune in to learn more about Stan and his passion for surfing.

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