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Harley Ingleby MOE Surfboard Review

MOE Surfboard Review

Harley Ingleby MOE Surfboard Review

Paul recently took the Moe board out for a 3-day test drive and is stoked on the performance! At 5'11" and 225-230lbs, Paul usually rides boards 8'6" and up. But he was impressed that the 61-liter Moe paddled super easy and got him into waves with no trouble.

The first day out Paul rolled with the Harley Ingleby FCS II fin set which gave the board a loose yet controlled feel. Wanting to experiment more, he swapped to a 2+1 with a center fin and two small FCS I side bites. This gave the Moe even more maneuverability and looseness.

During the small, choppy conditions at White Plains, the Moe excelled. Paul was able to flick it around easily thanks to the lightweight construction. He could get radical with cutbacks and experience a level of performance he hasn't felt in years!

After just one session, Paul was hooked and called the shop to reserve the demo board. In his words, if the Moe could handle marginal surf at White Plains this well, there's no break it won't perform at.

So if you're looking to step down from a traditional longboard but still want that easy paddling and wave catching, the South Shore Moe comes highly recommended by Paul.