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Hawaiian South Shore April Newsletter

THE WRONG IMPRESSION David Kelly | Owner, Hawaiian South Shore Twice a week for the past two or three years when I drop items off at the CPA, the office lady would come down to pick everything up. From the very beginning, she suggested that instead of me finding parking in the building, that she’d just come down when I come. It definitely saves me time, plus she can get some fresh air. Sometimes, I would be there just before lunch, so she would invite me to eat lunch with her boyfriend. After a few lunches together, I got to know the couple, so I decided to invite them out for dinner. They don’t go to many Japanese restaurants. As a matter of fact, they have never been to one that was run by a Japanese person until after I met them. I even persuaded them to visit Japan and after their first visit, they were hooked. They are now planning another visit! I took them to a Robata style Japanese restaurant. They’ve never been to one. It’s one of the few places in Hawaii that has a really good chef grilling vegetables and assorted meats over a grill. Robatayaki is actually the proper way but most just say Robata which is literally translated to “fireside cooking”. It refers to a method of cooking, similar to barbecue, in which items of food are cooked at varying speeds over hot charcoal. Then served directly to you by the Chef that’s preparing the food. The place that we went to is small and only seats about 10 people or so. This place runs the Robata like a sushi chef. What I mean is, in Japan, usually you don’t order directly to the chef behind the counter. As we were enjoying our dinner, one of them asked if I knew the chef well or was trying to hit on her. They asked in a joking manner, but I was really surprised by the question! Apparently, they thought because I talked to her a lot and cracked jokes with her that I must have been interested in her. I had to explain that she runs the place like a sushi counter, so she is able to converse and get to know the customers. She studies the personality and tries to match the food to the person’s liking. I thought it was really funny that they had the wrong impression!
I can hold my breath for 2 minutes and 37 seconds after taking just one class. Join me for another class at Hawaiian South Shore! April 28th and 29th. Last winter season in November, I attended the Apnea Surf Survival Course and after the second day of class I was able to hold my breath for 2 minutes and 37 seconds!! Before I went through the Apnea Surf Survival Course, I would’ve never imagined that I could hold my breath that long! But, the thing is, most of the 25 or so in the class, after a day or two could hold their breath up to 3 minutes and some even at 4 minutes! Why did I take the class? Last year I was surfing in the country often and I wanted some guidance from an expert who could give me advice for when I wipe out and get held down. Ricardo of Hawaii Eco Divers has trained the best in the world. As a matter of fact, we had some famous big wave riders in our class and some of the regu-lars that surf Waimea retraining with us! It was really cool to see Liam McNamura retaking the class. He and his crew actually have surf survival class (which is a next level training course). This just goes to prove the legitimacy of the Apnea & Surf Survival class. What is Apnea? According to Ricardo of Hawaii Eco Divers, Apnea is the momentary suspension of external breathing, more commonly known as holding one’s breath. During apnea, there is sufficient oxygen in the lungs and blood stream to allow a person to stop breathing for several minutes while remaining consciousness. Every surfer should take this course as it promotes personal wellness and safety in the water. Even the pros and prominent members of the surfing community like Eddie Aikau or Billabong’s team manager and surfer, Rainos Hayes have taken this course! Day 1, April 28th Time: 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm Location: Hawaiian South Shore (320 Ward Avenue, Honolulu HI, 96814) What will be covered?: The physiology of Apnea and how to improve ventilation through lecture and breathing exercises. We won’t be getting in the water on this day. Day 2, April 29th Time: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Location: Ala Moana Beach What will be covered?: We will be training all day on the beach/in the water. We will perform a series of Apnea exercises related to surfing. What to bring: Yoga mat, watch, fins, mask + snorkel, warm wetsuit, surf leash, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, food + water. ** Price: $189.00 + tax The biggest thing I learned from the class was how to breathe from my diaphragm and how to oxygenate myself. You are sure to take a lot out of this training session! There is a maximum of 24 spots, so make your reservation today on our website: Once you place your reservation, we will be sending you additional information and a manual for the course. If you have any more questions, please let us know. We are happy to help and we’re super stoked to be able to host an event like this. Water safety is obviously super important to us and so we hope this educates and helps everyone!
ADDITIONAL LAWS OF DR. SPENCER CHANG By Spencer Chang, MD Sports Medicine Fellowship Trained Orthopaedic Surgeon at Straub Medical Center WSL Orthopaedic Consultant Just added, two more laws of Dr. Chang. Now we’re up to 10, and there could potentially be more in the future. 9. Balance is key. a. Whether you’re trying not to fall off your surfboard, or trying to land that crazy air reverse, cutback, or new maneuver… balance is key. b. It is not surprising that the ancient Chinese invented the philosophy of Yin and Yang as it relates to our world. Polar opposites create balance. Male vs. female, night vs. day, work vs. play, the ins and outs. When there is an imbalance, things can go awry. As mentioned in the last article, surfing involves a lot of flexion movements. Because surfing involves an overwhelming amount of movements in a flexed position, an imbalance may develop. Hip flexors get tight, and the low back starts hurting. c. I admit, I’m at fault for only surfing for exercise, but it truly is important to cross train. d. Balance is why we alternate days doing pulling movements and pushing movements when lifting. e. Great cross training can include activities like Yoga, Pilates, CrossFit, Egan Inouye’s boot camp, or Kid Peligro’s Ginastica Natural (which I along with surfers like John John Florence, Coco Ho, Tyler Wright, Mahina Maeda, Conner Coffin, and Makai McNamara feel is one of the best ways to cross train for surfing). f. Regardless of how you find balance in life, surfing is probably a huge part of it for you and me. 10. Life is about positioning and leverage. a. My mentor, the late/great orthopedic surgeon Dr. Allen Richardson’s favorite quote was “life is about positioning and leverage.” Whether you’re trying to displace more water on your layback snap, or trying to climb up that corporate ladder, it’s all about positioning and leverage. b. Put yourself in position and leverage your way about life/surfing. c. For the most part, there is always a better or perhaps right way to do things, and a less efficient or technically imperfect way to do things. Learn the right way. For an appointment call the Straub Bone and Joint Center at 522-4232. Just say Dave from Hawaiian South Shore sent you! Also, if you have any questions shoot me an e-mail at
WHAT? IT’S BEEN 15 YEARS?! For the past year or so, I really didn’t really give much thought to how long we’ve been selling the Takayama Halo Fins. It’s been our #1 selling fin for a long time, but I always thought it was about 10 years or so. When I posted it on Instagram, someone mentioned that he purchased one from us almost 15 years ago. Wow! Man, time flies! I had to verify this with Noah Shimabukuro, who’s from Maui, but has been in Oceanside with Donald since he was young, learning the ropes and now, he is the person heading up Takayama Surfboards. Well, he confirmed it really has been15 years! Again, wow! I remember when I first saw these fins when the team riders were testing them. The sizing they had was in increments of 1/8” from 6”- 8” and it was really overwhelming and hard to figure out. It was pretty much in a testing phase. But, for some reason I had a feeling these fins would do really well. Especially after having some really good surfers here in Hawaii test them. Reid Inoue was a very big help at the time. He was just hanging up his coat from the many years of running the Hawaii Longboard Surfing Federation and getting into SUP’s and starting two SUP mags. After a lot of going back and forth with the guys at Takayama, mostly talking to Noah and a few discussions with Donald, I was able to get the fins in 1/2” increments. After about a year of getting a lot of positive reviews, the fins started coming directly from the overseas factory (one that Donald had a close relationship with). At the time we had all different types of construction from Honey Comb, Bamboo, and even Carbon Fiber. Then the person running the factory retired and they moved the production to the U.S. I appreciated that because I totally believe in “Made in USA” whenever possible. It took a while to find someone that could produce these at a rate we were selling them and most of all the quality. Well, after about three years of searching and testing factories, Noah finally found someone that was able to hand foil these things up to par. This factory is a small operation, and they’ve been foiling fins for over 25 years and it shows. As you may know, they let us send Aloha Fabric from Hawaii. We just sold out of a batch of Aloha Fabric, but they are now working on some new ones. By the time you read this, we should have them in stock. We’ve been taking preorders online and we are already getting low on some designs. Check out the stock online! Here are some pictures of the fins with fabric coming in:    

We will get center fins and side fins. Get them early or miss out in matching a set to your board.

NEW BOARD, NEW STOKE I’ve been riding a JS Psycho Nitro for the past couple of months and love it. The first time I took it out was in the country, where I surfed it as a Thruster but it seems a little too loose for me. I like my boards a little tighter and have hold on the turns, after testing it with the AM front fins and Matt Biolos rear quads, I’m really liking it. Sometimes, I use the Carver Rear Quads and I’m really surprised the board surfs top to bot-tom like a Thruster and has the speed of a quad. I recommend these rear quads for anyone looking to loosen up their quad set up. Super stoked when someone comes in and falls in love with a board they see on the rack. From Elton’s review, we had someone come in and grab one for himself. Super Stoked they both like the board, yep I like my JS Psycho Nitro also. Oh, if you notice, in the water you see more and more Swallow Tails in the lineup. I’ve started riding that Psycho Nitro and also rode a friend’s Untilted, which has a swallow tail. The control and drive you get out of the tail are unreal. When you go from rail to rail the swallow acts as a pin tail giving you drive. Swallow tails are back in a big way.
2020 JAPAN CANOE OLYMPIC TEAM We were super stoked to meet the 2020 Japan Canoe Olympic Team. They are here for several months training at the Ala Wai. I didn’t know this type of canoe paddling existed. They said it’s from Australia.   
MEMBER OF THE MONTH Bradley Wee When he sent over his picture I asked if that was him on the Hokulea. He said, ‘yeah, the Hokulea is pretty sweet! My friend and I were surfing Makaha and heard that the Hokulea was down the street, so we decide to visit. Ever since learning about it at UH, I’ve been a fan of how it works and what it represents. When and what got you into surfing? The thing that got me into surfing, about two years ago, was how similar it is to skateboarding. I got the same type of stoke from surfing as I did with skateboarding, plus, surfing is a lot easier on the body. It was a good transition into my old man phase! Did you have a time you weren’t surfing? If so, when and why did you start back up? The only time I had to take a break from surfing was when I deployed for about 4 months last year. I started back up as soon as a I returned to Hawaii. Where is your favorite place to eat after you surf and what is your favorite item? My favorite place/item to eat after surfing is the spicy pork/meat jun combo from Gina’s BBQ. The aunties always hook it up with the sides! Outside of surfing what do you do for fun? Outside of surfing, I enjoy skating, trail running, and recently got into rock climbing. What do you do for work? I’m an Air Battle Manager in the Hawaii Air National Guard. What board did you get from us recently? I got the 5’9” Libtech Puddle Jumper. Why did you decide on this model and size? I was looking for a small wave board and based on online reviews/talking with you guys this seemed like the best choice. Did you ride it? I did, I’ve taken it everywhere from Haleiwa to Makaha to Barbers. How did it surf and what did you like about it? It’s really easy to get into smaller/weaker waves, but it’s also surf able in the head high range if that’s your only option. Have you used different fin setups? If so, what fins have you tried on that board? I’ve used it as a quad, thruster and twin plus trailer. I like the feel of the quad setup with the puddle jumper.
REVIEWS, REVIEWS AND MORE REVIEWS ARE WHAT HELP SMALL BUSINESSES LIKE US. Please keep them coming, we really appreciate them, and it actually motivates us to do better! Unique brands of apparel, plenty of surf accessories, and a great selection of boards are all to be found at Hawaiian South Shore. Staff is super helpful in finding whatever you need and answers any questions you may have about the products in store. If you’re looking to wear the same t-shirts and board-shorts while surfing the same board as everyone else, the big logo shops in the mall should be your destination of choice. If you’re looking for quality and expressing your own style in and out of the water, this is the shop to go to. - Surfing Sensei Awesome shop! Got surf questions, they have the answers and the gear. - Chris S. Outstanding surf shop. My go-to shop when in town. Their customer service is the best on the island. Had an AU fin break. Dave and his crew went above and beyond my expectations by getting a replacement from the manufacturer. - D Kahuna Just bought a Libtech board here. Great experience. David and Brett both took excellent care of me, answered all my questions, and went above and beyond from a service perspective. The shop has great gear at a reasonable price. Love their product knowledge and demo prices. All told, this was a fun board buying experience. The shop is great for people looking to try, buy or pick up cool surf gear. - Casey G. The latest board would be the JS BlakBox Hyfi RP which works really good in waves 3’ and bigger, love it like all my other JS boards. But my favorite go-to board would be my last 5’6 Puddle Fish, this board works in all waves from 1’ to 4’, love it! - Scott J. The ‘Holy Grail’ really could be the Holy Grail! Took a few sessions to figure the fins out, but now it’s hands down my favorite small wave board. So far, the ‘Hawaiian glassing’ seems to be holding up great. Very fast and responsive. My friends comment on how good the board rides for me. Very stoked on the board and it was worth every penny. - Kekoa
THE HOLY GRAIL IS THE HOLY GRAIL OF SURFBOARDS Reviews are pouring in that The Holy Grail is the Holy Grail of surf-boards. Super-fast, loose and responsive are some of the words many are saying about his board. The Holy Grail by Hayden, some say will be the top selling board in the world like the Hypto Krypto was. The Hypto was in the top 5 best-selling boards worldwide for 4 years straight. As you see in the outline the Holy Grail, it is a slightly slimmed down version of the Hypto for more performance and shortboard-ish turning. What is the Hayden Holy Grail? The Holy Grail is a model that sits a little above the Hypto Krypto in terms of ability to perform tight critical moves in the pocket. It is a board that your average surfer can ride and catch a lot of waves, but experienced surfers can also push this board into some very high-performance waves and maneuvers. It has been designed to take that Hypto surfer on a journey with their surfing ability, still maintaining that flow and run the Hypto has but reducing the surface area in the nose, as well as using some invert-ed outlines late in the tail to bring some very responsive curves and feeling later in your turns. It can ride all types of waves from flatter faced waves to steep faced waves.

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