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Hawaiian South Shore Fins

Hawaiian South Shore Fins

We are super excited to share with everyone the Hawaiian South Shore Fins! Featuring custom outlines designed by the Hawaiian South Shore staff and beautiful hibiscus, monstera and pineapple logos that add a bit of local class to your board, the new Hibiscus Performance Rake, Pineapple High-Performance Rake, and Hibiscus Twin Fin, Performance Keep Twin Fins and Monstera Pivot, Hibiscus Hatchet Fins are in shop and available now!

Hibiscus Twin Fins

Hawaiian South Shore Fins

This twin fin set takes a familiar shape and adds a bit more rake to it to add just a little more drive and control through turns. It works well on your standard fish but is also great on a twin with a pulled-in tail, as well as in a 2+1 setup on a stubby shortboard. Featuring high-quality fiberglass for some extra life through turns and featuring our custom Hawaiian South Shore Hibiscus design, this twin set works with Future boxes and is ready to shred!


Hibiscus Performance Keel Fins

Hawaiian South Shore Fins

Providing a more traditional feel, but with a bit of modern flair, the Hawaiian South Shore Performance Keel Twin Fin set is great for spicing up your retro fish or smoothing out your turns and adding some drive to your modern twin fin. The long base of the keel design provides added drive and hold, but the modern tips of the fins allow for a more aggressive turning radius. Coming stock with our new, custom hibiscus design, these fins are compatible with Future boxes.

PIVOT Longboard Fin

Hawaiian South Shore Surfing Fins

Built for ultimate stability while riding the nose, the Hawaiian South Shore pivot fin features a deep, upright template with minimal rake and a wide outline to ensure your tail doesn’t spin out while hanging 10, even through the most critical sections. The pivot is foiled a little thicker than other fins to help slow the board down and keep it from outrunning the pocket during noserides, and is constructed with high-quality fiberglass for that classic, dependable feel. Featuring the exclusive Hawaiian South Shore pineapple striped design in either pink or blue, the pivot fin comes in 8.5-inch, 9-inch, 9.5-inch, and 10-inch models to accommodate riders of all sizes and power levels. If you are looking to up your noseriding game and your style factor at the same time, the Hawaiian South Shore Pivot Fin is the answer.

Hatchet Longboard Single Fin

Hawaiian South Shore Surfboard Fins

Hatchet fins for longboards (which differ from smaller, more flexible hatchet versions of keel fins and other shortboard designs) are a compromise between the D fin and the pivot fin. They are still long and relatively upright, like pivot fins, which supports noserides and allows for some limited turning, but the tip is wide like a D fin, which provides a bit more of that classic trim and controlled feeling of a D fin. Essentially, hatchet fins provide that ultra-classic trim feel, but with just enough pizzaz to make them turnable, and enough holding power to support noserides.



Hibiscus Performance Rake Fin


Performance Rake Hibiscus Longboard Fin


Our Hawaiian South Shore Hibiscus performance rake fin is a great all-around longboard fin that can be used either as a single fin or in a 2+1 setup. It is pretty upright for a rake fin, with some kick up near the tip that adds a bit of maneuverability without completely sacrificing hold on the nose. Due to its more upright design, it is a bit more pivoty than some other performance rake fins, allowing the board to have a tighter turning radius. Decked out in our custom HSS hibiscus design, the Performance Rake Fin comes in 6.5-inch, 7.5-inch, and 8.5-inch models, as well as larger 9-inch and 10-inch models that are perfect for use as single fins.


High-Performance Rake Fin

Performance Rake Blue/Pineapple Longboard Fin

The Hawaiian South Shore High-Performance Rake Fin in pineapple design is specifically geared toward hi-fi shredding on your performance longboard. Providing ample drive and increased maneuverability, it is best when paired with your favorite side bites in a 2+1 setup. Designed for floaters, barrels, big turns in the lip, and even airs, the Hawaiian South Shore Pineapple High-Performance Rake Fin comes stock in a 6.5-inch model.