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Dakine Leash

Dakine Leash

Dakine surf leashes are known for their quality and reliability. They are made with the latest materials and technologies to ensure that they will perform well in a variety of conditions. The various lengths and designs also allow surfers to find the perfect leash for their needs, whether they are looking for a shorter leash for maneuverability or a longer leash for added safety. Additionally, the ability to store the leash in a surfboard travel bag makes it convenient for surfers to take it with them on their adventures.

  • DAKINE (35)
  • 6' LEASH (13)
  • 7' LEASH (3)
  • 8' LEASH (2)
  • 9' LEASH (6)
  • 10' LEASH (1)
  • Body Board Leash (7)