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Hawaiian South Shore Unisex Surf Leggings

 Ride Waves Protected with the Hawaiian South Shore Leggings

HSS Surf Leggings

The warm, inviting waters of Hawaii are a surfer's paradise. However, those same waters also harbor the dangerous box jellyfish. Getting stung by one of these creatures can quickly turn a fun day at the beach into a painful nightmare. Thankfully, Hawaiian South Shore now offers protective leggings specially designed to guard against jellyfish stings while keeping you comfortable and stylish in the surf.


Box Jellyfish in Hawaii

Box Jelly fish Calendar from Waikiki Aquarium

Estimated Calendar View of Box Jelly fish presence. Screengrab from Waikiki Aquarium


Hawaii's box jellyfish tend to multiply around eight days after the full moon, according to research conducted by the Waikiki Aquarium. During these periodic seasonal influxes, the risk of getting stung skyrockets. Even expert local surfers have suffered severe stings from these nearly invisible creatures. Don't let the fear of excruciating pain prevent you from enjoying Hawaii's world-renowned waves. Hawaiian South Shore leggings allow you to surf and swim with confidence.


Complete Protection From Stings

Constructed from a tightly woven spandex and nylon blend, these surf leggings act as a barrier between your legs and the jellyfish's stinging tendrils. Just like sharks, box jellyfish are attracted to splashing and erratic movements. The leggings' sleek, hydrodynamic profile helps you glide smoothly through the water to avoid attracting them. You can ride the pipeline at Ehukai Beach or paddle out to the renowned breaks at Waimea Bay without worrying about searing pain.

While the surf leggings provide outstanding protection, they don't restrict motion or feel cumbersome in any way. The supportive spandex stretches and moves with you. The leggings will be your new favorite swimwear thanks to the carefully crafted blends of nylon and spandex that allow for unhindered mobility. Plus, their stylish, streamlined design doesn't look out of place when you're paddling out or just hanging out beachside.


Other Beneficial Features

In addition to the jellyfish protection, the leggings include other features that will prove useful while surfing and swimming in paradise:

  • UPF 50 material blocks 98% of UV radiation for sun protection
  • Flatlock stitching prevents chafing and irritation
  • Elastic waistband with adjustable drawstring provides a customized, secure fit
  • Fast-drying and quick-wicking fabric keeps you cool and comfortable

Don't limit yourself to wading at the shoreline or only swimming at heavily populated beaches because of fear of encounters with box jellyfish. Hawaiian South Shore's protective surf leggings allow adventurers of all levels to fully experience the Hawaiian waters with fun and excitement, not apprehension. Grab a pair so you can surf, snorkel, and swim anywhere in Hawaii without worrying about nasty stings. The oceans of paradise await!


Surf, Swim, and Explore the Ocean with Confidence

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