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HawaiianSouthShore Unisex Surf Leggings XSmall-XLarge


Unisex SPF 50 Surf Leggings - Ride Waves Protected

Protective from box jellyfish when they increase

Adjustable drawstring prevents slipping

These Hawaiian South Shore leggings are made with SPF 50 material specifically for surfing and swimming to block UV rays. The waistband is elastic with an adjustable drawstring to customize the fit and prevent slipping. The UPF 50 material provides protection from the sun's harmful rays, making these leggings perfect for water activities when you need sun protection for your legs. They allow full freedom of movement in the water. In Hawaii, box jellyfish numbers increase for unknown reasons about 8 days after the full moon, based on data from Waikiki Aquarium. The leggings provide a protective barrier against painful box jellyfish stings during this seasonal influx. Whether surfing big waves or swimming laps, these leggings protect against sun exposure and jellyfish stings while staying comfortable in the water. Learn More...

      $60.00 USD

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